Paul Hinks

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average

Personal Information

  • Full name Paul Hinks
  • Nickname Leighton
  • Age 65
  • Age 65
  • Residence Mexborough, South, Yorkshire
  • Occupation Professional Darts Referee
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More about Paul Hinks

Paul is the replacement of Freddie Williams within the PDC. He gets a lot of trust from the PDC. And rightfully so because Paul has got a very clear voice and hardly makes any mistakes. Hinks started in local leagues with chalking a lot of matches. Via that route he got the chance to call for the county of Yorkshire and that’s where he met Dennis Priestley. With Dennis he did various exhibitions and it was Priestley who advised Paul to apply with the PDC.

During the 2004 World Matchplay he got the chance to call one match and took the opportunity with both hands and now is a permanent member of the PDC referee team.