US Open

Because North America is potentially a big market, 2006 sees the start of a new event by the PDC in the USA. In Connecticut the World Series of Darts is played. It brings to the oche the top 16 PDC players versus 16 qualifiers from the USA. Success is short lived, as 2007 sees change of format and the tournament is run as an Open. Undoubtedly the fact that in 2006 John Kuszynski is the only US player into the last 16 beating John Part had a great part in that. Since 2007 US players can still qualify for the main tournament. Although it’s classed as a TV tournament it is made for the American market with highlights package to British channels. The 2006, 2007 and 2008 champion is of course... Phil Taylor. In 2009 television withdraws from the US Open, therefore it becomes a normal "floor" tournament again.

Reigning champion

Phil Taylor
2008 US Open Darts
By year:

List of finals

Year Winner Result Runner-Up
(2) (96.87)
3 - 0
(9) (91.50)
(1) (103.11)
4 - 1
13 - 5