Premier League 2017

The 2017 Premier League starts on February 2 in Newcastle. Michael van Gerwen, like the four previous years, finishes the regular competition top of the table. During the playoffs the titleholder wavers, but in the end the Dutchman wins his third Premier League title.

The World’s top four are automatically qualified for the 2017 Premier League, these are Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Peter Wright and Adrian Lewis. In addition, the British broadcaster Sky Sports has two wildcards, which are given to Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld. The last four spots are PDC wildcards. This year these four spots go to James Wade, Dave Chisnall, Jelle Klaasen and Kim Huybrechts.

In week one, the recurrence of the World Championship final will be on the program. The new World Champion Michael van Gerwen plays against former World Champion Gary Anderson. After a fascinating battle, both men share the points: 6-6. Van Gerwen then takes five points in his next three games, but injury holds him back from playing in week five. The world champion is however injury free in time for his second clash in Rotterdam Ahoy with Phil Taylor, scheduled in week seven. Like last year, it is the home favourite that wins the match.

The other two Dutch players, Raymond van Barneveld and Jelle Klaasen, have a different story this competition: Van Barneveld has six points after six weeks, Jelle Klaasen has to settle for three points for the time being. In Ahoy, 'The Cobra' is not able to beat James Wade, who takes an easy win. The Dutchman is bothered with a wrist injury. Van Barneveld then put the arena in Rotterdam on fire in a great game against Gary Anderson. The Scot is sent back to the British Isles with a 7-2 defeat.

It is clear that Jelle Klaasen and Kim Huybrechts will be dropped after nine weeks. Both players are not playing their best and also have other things on their minds. Klaasen has been suffering from a wrist injury since the World Championships, while Huybrechts has to pass on the ninth round because of the death of his mother who passes away after illness.

Towards the end of the league it becomes clear that there are two players who stand out; Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright. The two fight for top position until the final round of the league, which is eventually taken by the Dutchman. With only two defeats in sixteen matches, he scored 24 points. Behind Van Gerwen and Wright; Gary Anderson and Phil Taylor also reach the playoffs. For Taylor, it's his last Premier League, after he announced in 2017 that he would definitely stop playing darts.

The playoff evening in London will be a showpiece: in the first semi-final, Van Gerwen and Anderson are tied after fourteen legs, after which the titleholder claims the last three legs for a 10-7 win. In the other semi-final, Taylor misses a match dart, handing Wright a 10-9 win to reach his first Premier League final.

The final will be talked about for a long time; Van Gerwen gets little grip on his Scottish opponent and is playing catch-up for the entire game. With a 10-9 lead for Wright, the Scot misses six match darts, giving Van Gerwen the opportunity to step in and claim the title for the third time in his career with an 11-10 win.

From: Thursday 02 February 2017 Till: Thursday 18 May 2017


Michael van Gerwen
Photographer: Lawrence Lustig/PDC
2017 Premier League of Darts

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