Huw Ware

Called TV Nine Darters
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Personal Information

  • Full name Huw Ware
  • Nickname Huw-dini
  • Age 27
  • Age 27
  • Residence Barry, South Wales
  • Occupation
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More about Huw Ware

Huw Ware has risen to the top quickly. He beganhis career in 2010 and in 2012 was already on the biggest stage of them all in the Lakeside Country Club at the BDO World Championship podium. From youth competitions in Glamorgan to the World Championship can therefore be achieved in short time. With his 19 years he is the youngest referee at a World Championship ever.

Untill the BDO World Championship 2016 he refs most major tournaments under that organisation, but in March 2016 he referees on stage two of the PDC UK Open.

1st BDO World Championship 2012

Called TV Nine Darters by Huw Ware