Marco Meijer

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average

Personal Information

  • Full name Marco Meijer
  • Nickname De Verzieker
  • Age 33
  • Age 33
  • Residence Sommelsdijk
  • Occupation Courier
  • Website(s)

More about Marco Meijer

Marco Meijer is one of the newest faces on the scene in the BDO tournaments. Started purely because he thought he'd be good at it and he is. Started doing local tournaments and progressed to the bigger stages in the Tour of the Lowlands. From there on he got a chance to do the Dutch Open and in 2011 he made his TV debut at the Zuiderduin Masters. One month after his debut he got the invitation for Lakeside. As the icing on the cake he got to do the end of the 2012 Lakeside Final with fellow countryman Christian Kist lifting the trophy.

1st BDO World Championship 2012