WDF World Cup Men Singles 1991

World Cup VIII was held from 2 till 5 October 1991 in the Dutch seaside town of Zandvoort. No lees than 32 countries were present at the oche in the men’s event, which was a record. Among those 32 countries were five debuting countries; Russia, Luxembourg, Greece, Austria and the African Uganda.

In the singles all four English top favourites reach the quarterfinals. In those quarterfinals Eric Bristow, the defending champion since 1983, loses to Scotsman Jamie "Brave Dart" Harvey 4-3. Phil Taylor goes down 4-0 in his quarterfinal against the Finn Aulis Nissinen. And Alan Warriner also loses his match against Welshman Martin Phillips 4-2. It was only John "Old Stoneface" Lowe who qualified for the semi-finals by beating Dutchman Bert Vlaardingerbroek 4-2.

In the semi-finals Martin Phillips defeated Aulis Nissinen 4-1 and Jamie Harvey could not keep the English captain from the final he lost with the same score line. In an exciting final Martin Phillips eventually had to settle for silver. John Lowe beat him 6-4 thus winning the singles title for the second time.

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Venue: Netherlands Gran Dorado, Zandvoort From: Wednesday 02 October 1991 Till: Saturday 05 October 1991


John Lowe
1991 WDF World Cup