WDF World Cup Men Singles 1987

From October 22 to 24, 1987, the sixth WDF World Cup was played at the Vally Sport Complex in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Twenty-three countries participate in the competition. The New Zealand team brought no less than 200 supporters and before the competition started the “Maori” presented their famous "Haka" war dance as a warm-up.

With 23 countries making the trip to Denmark, a new record is set, the 21 women's teams are also a record. Italy, Spain and Switzerland make their debut at a WDF World Cup.

The favourite in the singles was obviously Eric Bristow, who had won the last two editions of the WDF World Cup. Still, there was some doubt about his form as he lately experienced a light form of "dartitis”. However, the draw was not against him and Bristow qualified easily for the semi-finals where he meets the strong playing Danny MacInnis from Canada. Bristow also wins this semi-final although it is not easy with 4-2. Eric Bristow is the only Englishman to pass the last 32 in 1987. 

In the final, Bristow meets another Canadian, Bob Sinnaeve, who eliminated Paul Lim from Singapore 4-3 in his semi-final. Bristow wins the first leg in 16 darts. Despite a 26 score, Bob Sinnaeve still wins the second leg in 12 darts with a 155 finish. After this Eric Bristow gets into his groove and finds the triple 20 better and better. There is little evidence of dartitus when he takes the next three legs in 15, 15 and 14 darts. "The Crafty Cockney" wins his third consecutive WDF World Cup singles title.

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Venue: Denmark Valby Hallen, Copenhagen From: Thursday 22 October 1987 Till: Saturday 24 October 1987


Eric Bristow
Photographer: MasterCaller.com
WDF World Cup Men Singles Darts - 1987