WDF World Cup Men Singles 1985

The new World Darts Federation president, Australian Peter McMenamin, hosted top darts players from 17 countries in his country from October 17 to 19, 1985. The Crest Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland is the venue. 

Malaysia is the only country that has not previously competed in a WDF World Cup. They only come with their men's team, Norway on the other hand only bring their ladies to Australia.

The singles must decide who would win the WDF World Cup overall title, the USA or England. In the first round, there was already a confrontation between both countries with Eric Bristow against Rick Ney, ths one ends 4-3 in favour of the English. Bristow then progresses to the final, partly due to big wins over Gordon Allpress from New Zealand in the quarterfinals and Scot Danny Cunningham in the semi-finals. In the final, he plays against another American, Tony Payne. Payne had previously beaten Cliff Lazarenko, Robert McKenzie and Steve Brennan in the tournament.

The winner of this final would also grab the overall WDF World Cup title. "The Cincinatti Kid" Tony Payne takes the first two legs in 18 darts and with a 112 finish. After that, however, Bristow gains steam and the “Crafty Cockney took the next two legs in 16 and 13 darts. Bristow also takes the fifth leg for a 3-2 lead and decides the match with a bullseye finish. Bristow's comment after the match was significant: "Off all the tournaments I've won this one meant the most, because I was not playing for myself, I was playing for England". Eric Bristow becomes the first player ever to successfully defend the WDF World Cup singles title.

Venue: Australia Crest Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland From: Thursday 17 October 1985 Till: Saturday 19 October 1985


Eric Bristow
Photographer: MasterCaller.com
WDF World Cup Men Singles Darts - 1985