Freddie Williams

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Freddie Williams

Personal Information

  • Full name Freddie Williams
  • Nickname 180
  • Age 3
  • Date of death 11 November 2017 (Age )
  • Residence
  • Occupation Professional Darts Referee
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More about Freddie Williams

Started in the early days of organised darts in England with the NDA (National Darts Association) and via the BDO he eventually ended up with the PDC in 1993. Freddie Williams is probably the longest ever serving referee in the World. He has done every major tournament in the World and is one of the most respected men at the board. Highlights in his career according to himself were the 1990 World Cup in Zandvoort (NL) where his introductions especially of all the national teams made a real impact.

But the real highlight in his career was of course the calling of the first ever nine dart leg on TV. During the MFI World Matchplay England’s John Lowe hit back to back 180’s and then hit treble 17, treble 18 and double 18 to make history. Williams has retired in 2006, but will be remembered as one of the all-time greats. Williams was inducted in the PDC hall of fame in 2006. Williams passes away on November 11th 2017.

Called TV Nine Darters by Freddie Williams

Date Tournament Thrower Opponent
13/10/1984 MFI World Matchplay 1984