Bruce Spendley

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Bruce Spendley

Personal Information

  • Full name Bruce Spendley
  • Nickname The 9-dart ref
  • Age 0
  • Date of death 15 June 2021 (Age )
  • Residence Billingham, Cleveland
  • Occupation Professional Darts Referee
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More about Bruce Spendley

Bruce Spendley is one of the longest serving referees. He made his televised debut in 1979 during the World Team Matchplay. Bruce called at every Embassy between 1980 and 1993. Along with fellow County Durham man Sid Dowson and his Essex-based colleague Freddie Williams, Bruce developed the style of calling with big 180s, the curt 100's and the terms "Game on" and "Game-shot and the match" which are so common now that they have become part of the English language. 

Bruce Spendley and Freddie Williams are known together as the first two Godfathers of the referees. Together they have pioneered the development of their profession.

Spendley also called the first ever WDC/PDC TV match in Norwich during the Lada UK Masters. Spendley has his signature written under 8 nine dart legs and for some time he was the referee with most 9 darters, although he had to wait 25 years for his first one. Spendley retired after the 2013 Ladbrokes PDC World Championships, Phil Taylor honoured Spendley by dedicating the title to him. One day later he got inducted to the PDC Hall of Fame. On June 15th 2021 Bruce Spendley passes away aged 80.

First World Championship in 1980, his last in 2013.