WDF Europe Cup Men Overall 1994

The ninth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was played in the Swedish capital Stockholm from October 13-15. For the first time, the milestone of twenty registered countries was reached in the men’s competition. Russia, Latvia and the Czech Republic are the newcomers. There were 18 countries competing in the ladies, only Belgium and Cyprus did not bring their ladies to Sweden. It is also the first WDF Europe Cup after the split, where many of the top players start their own organisation, which will later become the PDC. The British teams in particular should be affected by this on paper.

The renewed English team with Steve Beaton, Ronnie Baxter, Martin Adams & Kevin Kenny resumed business as usual when they win the overall ranking with 154 points. It is already the ninth consecutive time that England has crowned itself as WDF Europe Cup champions. Wales takes silver with 128 points. The bronze goes to the Scots with 70 points. In any case it seems this edition, the first one after the split, has changed little when you look at the darts landscape. The teams from the low countries are asserting themselves in the far North; The Netherlands finished fourth with 57 points and Belgium fifth with 48 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 154 points England
2 - 128 points Wales
3 - 68 points Scotland
4 - 57 points Netherlands
5 - 46 points Belgium
6 - 39 points Denmark
7 - 31 points Northern Ireland
8 - 25 points Finland
9 - 23 points Germany
10 - 22 points Norway
11 - 15 points Sweden
12 - 12 points France
13 - 11 points Switzerland
14 - 10 points Italy/ Ireland Republic
16 - 4 points Cyprus/ Greece
18 - 1 point Russia
19 - 0 points Czech Republic/ Latvia

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Venue: Sweden Solnahallen, Stockholm From: Thursday 13 October 1994 Till: Saturday 15 October 1994

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