WDF Europe Cup Men Overall 1978

After the success of the first World Cup in 1977 in London, it was decided to hold the first WDF Europe Cup darts a year later from 1 to 3 September in Copenhagen, Denmark. Eleven countries took part in this, including Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1978, there were only men's teams competing for four titles. Singles, pairs, teams and of course the overall title.

In 1978, the overall classification convincingly goes to John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Cliff Lazarenko and Doug McCarthy for England with 108 points, helped by the gold in the singles and the gold in the couples. Overall silver is for Scotland with 59 points, thanks in part to the gold in the team event. Wales finished third with 38 points ahead of the Irish with 23 points. Belgium takes a nice fifth place with 21 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 108 points England
2 - 59 points Scotland
3 - 38 points Wales
4 - 23 points Ireland Republic
5 - 21 points Belgium
6 - 17 points Sweden
7 - 16 points Denmark
8 - 15 points Netherlands
9 - 14 points Cyprus/ Finland/ Germany

Venue: Denmark Copenhagen, Copenhagen From: Friday 01 September 1978 Till: Sunday 03 September 1978

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Trophy of WDF Europe Cup Men Overall - 1978

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