Ron van den Berg

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
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Ron van den Berg

Personal Information

  • Full name Ron van den Berg
  • Nickname Mr. Vain
  • Age 54
  • Residence Rotterdam
  • Occupation President/Owner expedition company
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More about Ron van den Berg

Ron van den Berg is probably most known as the master of ceremonies during the 2007 Masters of Darts. In 2001 Francis Hoenselaar asked Ron to referee at her exhibitions and since then he has gained a lot of experience with Francis and Mieke the Boer during these exhibitions. Besides that work Ron has done several Dutch and international tournament such as the Youth Europe Cup 2002 in Belgium and the 2007 Nations Cup and WDF World Cup.

In Holland Ron was busy on the circuit with players such as Fitton, Hankey, Gary Anderson, Robson, O’Shea and Walton. Van den Berg has gone through nearly all the aspects of darts in his career; as a television commentator with RTL5 and as a spotter for the Dutch Opens in '06 and '07, PR man for the first World Darts Trophy and the first Masters of Darts. Member of the NDB board as a PR officer in 2001 and 2002. Last but not least, Ron is a front man for ladies darts!