WDF Europe Cup Women Singles 1986

From 24 to October 25, 1986 the fifth European Cup was held in Turku, Finland. Thirteen countries participated. Switzerland is participating in this tournament for the first time in history. The WDF Europe Cup was sponsored by Scandinavia's oldest brewery Sinetrychoff the makers of "KOFF" beer.

In the ladies singles tournament, Swedish Maarit Fagerholm handed the English ladies a heavy blow by eliminating favourite and title defender Linda Batten 4-2. Maarit also beats former finalist Ann-Marie Davies from Wales in the semi-finals.

The other lady from England, Jayne Kempster, waits in the final. She plays a very strong tournament and only loses two legs on her way to that final. Maarit Fagerholm also is no match in the final against an unleashed Jayne Kempster who wins 4-0. The second bronze is for Eila Nikander from Finland.

Venue: Finland Rantasipi Ikituuri Hotel, Turku From: Friday 24 October 1986 Till: Saturday 25 October 1986


Jayne Kempster
Photographer: MasterCaller.com
1986 WDF Europe Cup