Barry Gilbey

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average
Barry Gilbey

Personal Information

  • Full name Barry Gilbey
  • Nickname The Guvnor
  • Age 60
  • Age 60
  • Residence Braintree, Essex
  • Occupation Firefighter
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More about Barry Gilbey

Barry Gilbey is one of the BDO tournament referees. He made his debut at the 2005 Winmau World Masters. Barry is most known for his very long haul when calling 60. Siiiiiiiixty is how that sounds with him, which is very recognisable by the way. 

He started his career like most English referees at his county of Essex and got the experience via local tournaments. For now, Gilbey has put his microphone to rest when in 2011 he got elected as president to the BDO board, a position he no longer occupies at the moment.

First World Championship 2006, his last in 2011.