WDF World Cup Women Singles 1985

The new World Darts Federation president, Australian Peter McMenamin, hosted top darts players from 17 countries in his country from October 17 to 19, 1985. The Crest Hotel in Brisbane, Queensland is the venue. 

Malaysia is the only country that has not previously competed in a WDF World Cup. They only come with their men's team, Norway on the other hand only bring their ladies to Australia.

In the quarterfinals of the ladies singles both English ladies and both ladies from Wales are still in. England’s Linda Batten shows that her first place in the world rankings is no coincidence. She beats defending champion Sandy Reitan in the last 16 round and is way too strong for Jaime Koh from Singapore in the quarterfinals. Both games finish 4-0. Her English teammate Sharon Kemp loses in the last eight against Linda Rogers from Wales. Wales also remains with one player in the semi-finals. Sandra Lee loses to Connie McDonald from Scotland. The last four are completed by New Zealand's Lottie Chalcroft who is the boss over Japan’s Yoko Koyama.

In the semi-finals, Duffy then beats McDonald, Chalcroft beats Linda Rogers in a seventh and decisive leg. In the final, a seventh and decisive leg is also involved. Linda Duffy defeats Lottie Chalcroft from New Zealand to take her second and third (overall) gold at this WDF World Cup.

Venue: Australia Crest Hotel, Brisbane, Queensland From: Thursday 17 October 1985 Till: Saturday 19 October 1985


Linda Batten
Photographer: MasterCaller.com
1985 WDF World Cup