WDF Europe Cup Women Overall 1992

The eighth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held in Kerava, Finland, from 22 to 25 October. After Turku in 1986, this is the second time that Finland has hosted a WDF Europe Cup. Fifteen countries participate. Initially, this WDF Europe Cup would be played in Granada, Spain, but the Spanish Darts Federation unfortunately had to give the organisation back to the WDF. The Finnish Darts Organization jumped in to help and to allow the tournament to continue. The question was again who could beat the favourite English team, this time the English had to do it for the first time without Eric Bristow.

The European Cup VI in the women’s was fought between 15 countries. The English ladies Sue Edwards and Sharon Colclough had the task to bring their country the fifth consecutive overall title.

The overall ranking was not won for the fifth consecutive time by England, but for the second time by Wales with 55 points. Sandra Greatbatch & Rhian Speed are the most consistent in both events. The silver goes to Germany with 37 points. England finishes third with 29 points, followed by Denmark with 21 points and the Netherlands with 15 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 55 points Wales
2 - 37 points Germany
3 - 29 points England
4 - 21 points Denmark
5 - 15 points Netherlands
6 - 12 points Finland
7 - 9 points Northern Ireland/ Scotland
9 - 8 points Belgium
10 - 6 points Switzerland
11 - 5 points Ireland Republic
12 - 2 points Norway
13 - 0 points Italy/ Sweden/ France

Venue: Finland Planet Funfun, Kerava From: Wednesday 21 October 1992 Till: Saturday 24 October 1992

Reigning champion

Photographer: MasterCaller.com
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Trophy of WDF Europe Cup Women Overall - 1992

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