WDF World Cup Women Overall 1993

The ninth WDF World Cup is played for the second time in the largest gambling city of the world; Las Vegas. In 1979 WDF World Cup II was also held there, back then with only men's teams. Just like two years ago in Zandvoort Netherlands, there were 32 countries in the men’s competition. In the ladies, 26 countries started for their sixth WDF World Cup Darts.

Traditionally, there are relatively many Caribbean countries when playing in North America. There are also three debuting countries; The Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa have joined the WDF World Cup family. The Sahara Hotel is the place to be from 13 to 16 October, just like 14 years ago. That does not apply to a lot of trusted names. This WDF World Cup goes down in history as the first after the split, with a large number of top players having set up their own darts association, later known as the PDC.

The overall title went to the USA for the second time in history, after Copenhagen in 1987, with 44 points. Stacy Bromberg and Kathy Maloney put the gold around their necks. The Dutch ladies Francis Hoenselaar & Valerie Maytum also finish second for the second time with 39 points, just like in 1987. England with Mandy Solomons and Sue Talbot take the bronze with 24 points. The Finnish and Northern Irish ladies share fourth place with 18 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 44 points USA
2 - 39 points Netherlands
3 - 24 points England
4 - 18 points Finland/ Northern Ireland
6 - 15 points Wales
7 - 13 points Norway
8 - 10 points Australia/ Denmark/ Ireland
11 - 9 points New Zealand
12 - 6 points Germany/ Kenya
14 - 3 points Belgium/ Canada/ Japan/ Scotland/ Sweden
19 - 1 point Italy
20 - 0 points Bahamas/ Bermuda/ Brazil/ Czech Rep/ France/ Hungary/ Switzerland

Venue: United States Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada From: Thursday 14 October 1993 Till: Saturday 16 October 1993


United States
Photographer: MasterCaller.com
1993 WDF World Cup
United States United States

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