WDF World Cup Women Overall 1989

The seventh WDF World Cup Darts was played from 19 to 21 October at the Skyline Hotel in Toronto, Canada. In the men's 27 countries were present and competed for the WDF World Cup darts title. In the women's event 26 countries were present for their fourth WDF World Cup. 

Would the English ladies be able to recapture their overall title that they had lost to the Americans in Copenhagen in 1987? And would the English men be able to take the overall title for the sixth time in a row? Host nation Canada took the men's overall silver two years ago, can they do a little better on home soil? Bahamas, Brazil and Kenya are there for the first time, as are Zimbabwe.

The overall title does indeed go back to England, Sharon Colclough and Sue Edwards collect 76 points. They are followed closely by Kathy Maloney & Eva Grigsby from the USA with 66 points. In third place, Australia takes an overall medal for the first time with 34 points. The ladies from Singapore finish in fourth place with 24 points. Denmark finishes fifth with 22 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 75 points England
2 - 66 points USA
3 - 34 points Australia
4 - 24 points Singapore
5 - 22 points Denmark
6 - 20 points Belgium/ Canada
8 - 17 points Sweden
9 - 13 points New Zealand/ West Germany
11 - 12 points Scotland
12 - 9 points Netherlands
13 - 8 points Bermuda/ Northern Ireland/ Switzerland
16 - 7 points Finland/ France
18 - 6 points Japan/ Norway/ Wales
21 - 5 points Brazil/ Hong Kong/ Kenya/ Ireland
25 - 4 points Bahamas/ Zimbabwe

Venue: Canada Skyline Hotel, Toronto, Ontario From: Thursday 19 October 1989 Till: Saturday 21 October 1989

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