Antony Dundas

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average

Personal Information

  • Full name Antony Dundas
  • Nickname The Pup
  • Age 35
  • Age 35
  • Residence Glasgow
  • Occupation Telephonist for a Taxi Company
  • Website(s)

More about Antony Dundas

Antony Dundas can be put in the same list as Huw Ware and Marco Meijer. In 2012, the BDO had a great need for new referees and these three got the chance. Three boys with little experience but lots of enthusiasm which should give new impetus to the British stronghold. Dundas is working as a caller since 2008, first at county level and since 2012 on the world’s biggest stages.

They fulfill this role until the 2019 World Championship. After that World Championship they step down together after a disagreement with the BDO. Dundas has been the MC at various tournaments in recent years, including the Dutch Open and the Scottish Open.

First World Championship in 2013