Kerrie Crompton

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average

Personal Information

  • Full name Kerrie Crompton
  • Nickname
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  • Age
  • Residence Doncaster
  • Occupation
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More about Kerrie Crompton

When all the referees that the BDO had used in recent years, resign together after the 2019 World Championship after a disagreement with the BDO, the organization has to put together a new group. Harry is one of the six new faces. Together with Josh Clough, Garin Roderick, John Fowler, Harry Smith and MC Paul Booth, they are now in charge of the matches on the big stages.

Unfortunately for the six, the BDO ceases to exist after one season and the future of the six is still uncertain. Kerrie is the first lady to ever call a match at a World Championship when she makes her appearance at the BDO World Championship in 2020. Before stepping onto the big stage, Kerrie referees Yorkshire county matches.

First World Championship in 2020