Steve Nicolas

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Steve Nicolas

Personal Information

  • Full name Steve Nicolas
  • Nickname
  • Age 67
  • Age 67
  • Residence
  • Occupation Aircraft engineer
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More about Steve Nicolas

Steve Nicolas began calling in 1990 in his own county and from there on he climbed to the absolute top within the BDO/WDF. His first big tournament was the 1992 British Open. Between 1996 and 2003 he refereed every year in Frimley Green during the Embassy. It goes without saying that in this period he has done every other big tournament across the World.

Besides darts Nicolas has a great passion for the oriental fighting art of choikwangdo. He is a black belt in this sport. Nicolas was the referee at the first ever live televised nine dart leg in February 2002 when Shaun Greatbatch did this during the final of the Dutch Open. After 2003 Nicolas moves to Australia and he left the international darts scene.

Called TV Nine Darters by Steve Nicolas

Date Tournament Thrower Opponent
03/02/2002 Dutch Open Men 2002