Jaimie Fambach

Called TV Nine Darters
Called Major Nine Darters
Highest Called Major average
Highest called TV average
Jaimie Fambach

Personal Information

  • Full name Jaimie Fambach
  • Nickname Kung Fu Panda
  • Age 32
  • Residence Almere
  • Occupation Head of cleaning company
  • Website(s)

More about Jaimie Fambach

Jaimie is part of the team of callers at the Zuiderduin / Finder Darts Masterssince 2012. He started calling rin egional tournaments and then was put forward to the big stage by tournament director Gerard Elderenbosch.

He used to play dart himself fanaticly, but has had multiple poblems with dartitus in the past and nowadays concentrates more on the microphone than the dart.