WDF World Cup Ladies Singles 2015

The World Cup is held since 1977 and organised by the World Darts Federation. The tournament is opened for ladies in 1983 and in 1999 the youth is also finally invited. The tournament is known as the official World Championship but hasn’t got the profile of either the BDO or the PDC World Championships. It is a gathering of players from all parts of the World who meet and play in a very friendly atmosphere.

The ladies singles often have an Engish champion, but less frequently than in the pairs or the overall championship. Eight times the gold goes to an English lady, with Trina Gulliver MBE as their queen. She wins the singles tournament three times, in three different decades, in addition to this she also loses the final one time. With four victories, the US are the second most successful country after England. Other than Gulliver no lady has managed to win this tournament more than once.

Julie Gore reaches the final in three consecutive editions, but has never won the tournament. Dutch ace Francis Hoenselaar also reaches three finas. She wins once, in 2001.

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Venue: Turkey Limra Hotel & Resort, Kemer From: Monday 26 October 2015 Till: Saturday 31 October 2015


Lisa Ashton
Photographer: Jacques Nieuwlaat
2015 WDF World Cup