WDF World Cup

The World Cup is held since 1977 and organised by the World Darts Federation. The tournament is opened for ladies in 1983 and in 1999 the youth is also finally invited. The tournament is known as the official World Championship but hasn’t got the profile of either the BDO or the PDC World Championships. It is a gathering of players from all parts of the World who meet and play in a very friendly atmosphere.

Martin Phillips with 14 WDF World Cups to his name is the player who participated most often. Hiroshi Watanobe from Japan is the only other player with ten World Cups to his name. In the women Heike Jenkins (Ernst) from Germany has participated most frequently (12x). Dutch ace Francis Hoenselaar takes second place here with ten Cups to her name.

Mens overall

When it comes to the overall ranking of the WDF World Cup, England proves the strongest in fourteen of the twenty editions. Between 1979 and 1991 they win the Cup seven times in a row. Only Wales and Netherlands break the hegemony of the English with both three victories. The Dutch victories are in a row between 2005 and 2009 where Wales win next to the first edition in 1993 and 1997.

Eric Bristow and John Lowe with seven World Cup victories are the most successful players followed by compatriot Martin Adams who has won this title five times.

Mens team event

It should be no surprise that in the team event, the men from England often run off with the gold, though they are less dominant than in other events, with twelve victories, especially in recent years. They win as many as nine times in the first thirteen events. Wales wins in addition to the first edition the team title in 1997. Other successful countries are the USA; twice champions (1985 & 2003) and the Netherlands, Finland, Canada and Scotland are all the best once.

Three players won this event five times as part of their national team; Eric Bristow, John Lowe and Martin Adams.

Mens pairs

In the early years, it is mainly the English who dominate led by John Lowe and Eric Bristow. In the pairs they are almost unbeatable, from the first seven editions they win six. Besides these victories there are six more England wins, so that their total is twelve. Martin Adams is the best three times, with three different pairs partners.

Besides England, the Netherlands wins the most gold. Three times the men in orange claim the title. Wales and Australia both win two titles and Canada is the champion in 1993.

 Mens singles

In the early years the English are very dominant, led by John Lowe and Eric Bristow. The singles title between 1981 and 1991 always goes to one of them. Eric Bristow is the most dominant factor with four victories. Ten times in total an Englishman climbs the highest step on the podium. Netherlands wins this individual component of the WDF World Cup six times; Raymond van Barneveld does this three times between 1997 and 2003.

Wales grabs the title three times and the only other winner is Nicky Virachkul who takes the title on behalf of the US in 1979. Jocky Wilson is the only player who is in the final twice and does not win it.

Ladies overall

In the Ladies overall cups the English woman are the most successful, winning 11 of the 17 editions held. The only other country that has been able to win the overall World Cup more than once is the USA.

Ladies team event

Until 2013 the women's team always consists of two ladies, but in 2015 that all changes. From that year the ladies also play with four players per country and also get their team event. It comes as no surprise that the English ladies win the first edition comprehensively. Not a single team gets closer than winning five legs.

Ladies pairs

In the ladies pairs tournament it’s the English ladies who take the gold medal home more than any other country. They have won eleven of the seventeen editions. From 1983 untill 2013 the ladies teams consisted of only two players so the pairs tournament was also the team event. From 2015, the ladies participate with four players per country and there are two pairs.

Trina Gulliver has won the pairs five times with three different partners. The other pairs titles go to the Netherlands (2x), USA (2x) and both Wales and Germany win once.

Ladies singles

The ladies singles often have an English champion, but less frequently than in the pairs or the overall championship. Eight times the gold goes to an English lady, with Trina Gulliver MBE as their queen. She wins the singles tournament three times, in three different decades; in addition to this she also loses the final one time. With four victories, the US are the second most successful country after England. Other than Gulliver no lady has managed to win this tournament more than once.

Julie Gore reaches the final in three consecutive editions, but has never won the tournament. Dutch ace Francis Hoenselaar also reaches three finals. She wins once, in 2001.