WDF Europe Cup Youth Girls Singles

Initiated by Denmark the Europe Cup Youth is first held in 1990. The first five editions are all hosted by Denmark, after that the host country changes. The Netherlands is, especially in the boy’s tournament dominant since the start of the event. The first ever edition is won by Peter van Tilborg and since that first championship a total of ten Dutch boys took another twelve titles.

Still it took a while before the first juniors made an impact in the mens events. Vincent van der Voort, Stephen Bunting and Michael van Gerwen are regulars at the big senior tournaments with some great results. Steve Douglas, Joey ten Berge and Jonny Nijs have played at major televised tournaments, but so far haven’t made a real impact.

In the girls event both Caroline Lee (ENG 1995-1997) and Ann-Louise Anderson (1990-1992) took the singles title home three times. Lee also took the pairs event in each of those years. Still you don’t hear a lot of the girls after they had to play in the ladies events. The champions that do catch your eye are undoubtedly Mieke de Boer and Anastasia Dobromyslova, as they did make a good transfer from the girls to the ladies.

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Tamara Kovács
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WDF Europe Cup Youth Girls Singles - 2019