UK Open Qualifiers in 2007

In 2003, the first UK Open appears on the PDC calendar. From this first year a number of qualification tournaments are put in place, which have their own ranking through which you can qualify for the main event. The first ever UK Open Qualifier was held in July 20002 in Cardiff and won by Phil Taylor.

Until 2008 this cycle of qualifiers begins immediately after the UK Open was held and so the tournaments were scattered throughout the year. From 2009, the qualifiers are all held in the spring of the year in which the UK Open takes place.

In the first years there are always eight tournaments in the series, but since 2014 the number is brought back to six because the UK Open is brought forward on the calendar and is now played in March. In 2019 the UK Open Qualifiers disappear from the calendar altogether when all tour card holders are invited into the UK Open.