Q-School Ranking Tour Card

In 2010, the current ranking structure in the PDC is almost in order. The only thing that has not been provided is the influx of new talent. In order to make this possible, the Q-School is created. From 2011, these tournaments are held after the World Championship in January to get the tour card holders back to full strength.

The top 64 of the PDC Order of Merit at the end of the year keep their tour card and Q-School makes up the other places up to 128. The participants play four days in a row and every day four players win a two years tour card. This number is supplemented by means of a ranking on the four days of Q-School in order to bring the total of the tour cardholders at 128.

Starting in 2018 Q-School is split in a European and UK Q-School. The tour cards are divided between both schools on ratio of entrees. Players from outside Europe have the choice where they want to play. Q-School is still played over four days. Until 2021 when the Corona virus forces the PDC to change the rules. Both Q-Schools are divided into two phases. In the first phase, all new players can make an attempt to reach the second phase over three days. In that second phase, the players who have lost their tour card and the best players from the Challenge Tour and the Youth and Development Tour enter the bid for a two-year tour card.

Steve West and Kirk Shepherd are the only two players to directly get a tour ticket three times. Terry Temple wins a tour card no less than four times, each time by ranking. Kirk Shepherd also comes up with a total of four tour tickets because he also takes it again via the ranking. For Joe Murnan, the counter also stands at four times in total. In ten years of Q-School there have been nine players to hit a perfect leg.

List of finals

Year Winner Result Runner-Up