WDF World Cup Jeugd 2019

Published at 21/09/2020

The 22nd edition of the WDF World Cup Youth was held in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The Grand Hotel Italia is the venue from 7 to 12 October. All participant numbers records are broken. No less than 52 teams in the men’s competition, 46 ladies’ teams and 19 countries also sent their youth to Romania.


It was a WDF World Cup Youth without any incident which runs like clockwork and that is an incredible compliment to the organizing country that is itself relatively very small as a darts nation. No fewer than six new countries make their debut in Romania. Croatia, Egypt, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine are included for the first time.

Boys Singles
At the eleventh edition of the WDF World Cup for youth, it is the first time since Stephen Bunting won the boys singles in 2001 that an Englishman is victorious in this event. Keelan Kay wins 6-3 in the final against Mehrdad Seyfi from Iran. Shusaku Nakamura from Japan and Jurjen van der Velde from the Netherlands take the bronze.

Girls Singles
Beau Greaves from England is the favourite in the girls event and she fully fulfils that role. Greaves loses in the group stage to Katie Sheldon from Ireland 1-4, but she takes revenge in the final by winning it 6-4. Sheldon wins the silver in the singles for the second time in a row. The bronze goes to Russia’s Ksenia Klochek and Canadian Hayley Crowley.

Boys Pairs
England also takes the boys pairs title. Keelan Kay & Brad Phillips beat Vilem Sedivy & Tomas Houdek from the Czech Republic 6-4 in the final. Jurjen van der Velde & Luke van der Kwast from the Netherlands and Nathan Girvan & Kyle Walker from Scotland take home a beautiful bronze medal. It is the first time in WDF World Cup history that the Netherlands does not win the pairs in the boys event.

Girls Pairs
In the girl’s pairs tournament, it is England again that takes gold. Beau Greaves & Shannon Reeves have to push themselves to the limit against the Scottish tandem Chloe O'Brien & Sophie McKinlay. The eleventh and final leg must bring the decision and after both teams have missed several opportunities, it is England that claims the title. Bronze is for Tamara Kovacs & Viktoria Laczi from Hungary and Fatemeh-Safi Shalamzari & Fatemeh Karimi on behalf of Iran.

Mixed Pairs
The mixed pairs are a lot more surprising than expected. No traditional countries in the final such as England or the Netherlands, but two pairs from the Czech Republic. That immediately means the first gold ever for this country. Anna Votavova & Tomas Houdek take the honours, they beat their compatriots Vilem Sedivy & Denisa Feklova. The gold medallists beat Dominik Gruellich & Suzan-Marie Atas from Germany in the semi-finals, the last bronze is for Nathan Girvan & Chloe O'Brien from Scotland.

Overall World Cup Youth
The 2019 WDF World Cup youth champions are Keelan Kay, Brad Phillips, Beau Greaves & Shannon Reeves from England. They collect a total of 229 points. Czech Republic, with Tomas Houdek, Vilem Sedivy, Anna Votavova & Denisa Feklova, finish their best WDF World Cup ever with a silver medal and 178 points. Scotland comes in third and takes the bronze with Nathan Girvan, Kyle Walker, Chloe O'Brien & Sophie McKinlay. The Scots get a total of 161 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 229 points England
2 - 178 points Czech Republic
3 - 161 points Scotland
4 - 124 points Netherlands
5 - 117 points Germany
6 - 109 points Iran
7 - 89 points Hungary
8 - 84 points Ireland Republic
9 - 72 points Turkey
10 - 55 points Canada/ Russia
12 - 47 points South Africa
13 - 44 points Denmark
14 - 37 points Japan/ Austria
16 - 34 points Australia
17 - 23 points Sweden
18 - 4 points Romania
19 - 1 point Egypt