WDF World Cup Jeugd 2015

Published at 31/08/2020

After organizing two Europe Cups, Turkey is ready for the big one; a WDF World Cup Youth. The organization of the twentieth WDF World Cup Youth is fantastic and almost everyone is happy with the all-inclusive principle of the playing location. In the men's tournament, 36 countries compete for the Cup, 29 countries bring a women's team and a record number of 16 youth teams find their way to the Turkish resort in Kemer. The Limra Hotel & Resort is the hotel and playing venue from 26 to 31 October.


For the first time there are four ladies per team, until 2015 there were always two. This means that an extra day of play is added to the schedule. From now on, the teams will play over five days and the opening ceremony is the day before. Nick Rolls joins the team of officials in 2015. Together with Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat they oversee the floor matches and the stage program. Bulgaria is there for the first time since 1995 and Serbia is the last newcomer to the WDF World Cup Youth stage.

Boys Singles
The boy’s singles are won by Michael Verberk, who defeats Austrian Rusty-Jake Rodriguez in the final. The gold for Maikel Verberk is the fourth in the singles among the boys for the Netherlands.

Girls Singles
In the girl’s singles, it is South African Tayla Carolissen who takes the win by beating Germany’s Christina Schuler in the final. Tayla Carolissen makes history by taking the first gold medal ever for South Africa at a WDF World Cup. Especially in the girl’s singles South Africa has been close often before with four times silver and two bronze.

Boys Pairs
Maikel Verberk also wins the title in the boy’s pairs, together with Justin van Tergouw the Dutch form an invincible duo. They lose only two legs until the final. In the final, the German pair Kevin Tropmann and Nico Schlund also win two, but the victory is big for the Netherlands with 6-2.

Girls Pairs
The girl’s pairs tournament is a prey for the German team of Christina Schuler and Nina Puls. They beat Kyana Frauenfelder & Layla Brussels from The Netherlands 6-4 in the final. It is the first ever gold youth medal for Germany.

Mixed Pairs
Maikel Verberk completed the clean sweep by also winning the mixed pairs alongside Kyana Frauenfelder. Chris Gower & Danielle Ashton from England fall short in the final, which is won 6-1 by the Netherlands. The Netherlands wins the mixed pairs for the third time.

Overall World Cup Youth
The overall WDF Youth World Cup is also a prey for the Orange team. Maikel Verberk, Justin van Tergouw, Kyana Frauenfelder and Layla Brussels gather 216 points. Kevin Tropmann, Nico Schlund, Christina Schuler and Nina Puls take silver on behalf of Germany with 175 points. The bronze goes to England, Chris Gower, Daniel Perry, Chelsea Williamson and Danielle Ashton finish on 118 points. It is the third time that the Netherlands has won the WDF World Cup with the youth. Germany equals its best performance from 2011. Austria takes two bronze medals on its debut, which should be considered a great harvest.

Overall ranking
1 - 216 points Netherlands
2 - 175 points Germany
3 - 118 points England
4 - 91 points South Africa
5 - 86 points Hungary/ Australia
7 - 84 points Scotland
8 - 78 points Austria
9 - 72 points Russia
10 - 62 points Czech Republic
11 - 61 points Denmark
12 - 55 points Belgium
13 - 49 points Sweden
14 - 45 points Iran
15 - 36 points Republic Ireland
16 - 15 points Turkey