WDF World Cup Jeugd 2009

Published at 10/08/2020

In 2009, the United States are elected host for the third time. After previous two editions in Las Vegas in 1979 and 1993, it is now Charlotte's turn in North Carolina. The Blake Hotel is the venue where will be played from September 23-25. New faces on stage for the first time in a long time. Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat replace Martin Fitzmaurice as host on behalf of the WDF from 2009.


It will be a very relaxed WDF World Cup Youth in beautiful weather conditions, with 32 men's, 31 women's and 10 youth teams competing for the medals. The Cayman Islands are making their debut. Besides the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Bahamas and Barbados are also present and this ensures that this WDF World Cup Youth also gets a real Caribbean feel to it.

Only host nation USA makes its debut in the youth during this WDF World Cup. The boy’s singles tournament is won by Welshman Jamie Lewis. He wins in the finals against the Finn Tuomas Tikka. The USA takes a bronze medal with Robert Ham jr. and Paddy Meaney takes bronze for the second time in a row on behalf of Ireland. In the girls it is gold for Finland; Aliisa Koskivirta defeats Zoe Jones in a crazy final. The English youngster Jones goes 5-0 up in a race to six, but then misses countless match darts and even has to concede the victory to her opponent. Bronze is for Australian Rebecca Webster and Germany’s Anna—Maria Schultze.

Mixed Pairs
In the mixed pairs, Finland is supreme. The pair Aliisa Koskivirta & Tuomas Tikka win in the final 6-4 against the Irish duo Paddy Meaney & Aoife Ryan. The bronze goes to Shaun Griffiths & Zoe Jones from England and Australia’s Harlee Chauntler & Rebecca Webster.

Overall World Cup Youth
The Overall title goes to Finland for the first time in history, Aliisa Koskivirta & Tuomas Tikka collect a total of 82 points, which is well over the 47 points from Jamie Lewis & Kimberley Lewis from Wales who take silver. Paddy Meaney & Aoife Ryan seize the bronze on behalf of Ireland.

Finland is now the fifth different country to take gold in six editions played. Two-time defending champion Netherlands leave Charlotte without a youth medal.

Overall ranking
1 - 82 points Finland
2 - 47 points Wales
3 - 42 points Ireland Republic
4 - 39 points England
5 - 30 points Australia
6 - 29 points Sweden
7 - 27 points Germany
8 - 25 points United States
9 - 22 points Netherlands
10 - 3 points Denmark