WDF World Cup Jeugd 2007

Published at 27/07/2020

It was sixteen years ago that the WDF World Cup Youth was held in the Netherlands in 1991. Then Zandvoort was the place, this time Rosmalen was chosen as the host city. The darts landscape in the Netherlands, however, had changed completely in the past years after five world titles by Raymond van Barneveld. Unfortunately for the Dutch fans, Barney switched to the PDC a year earlier and was not as a player at this cup. However, there is a lot of media attention and the semi-finals and finals are broadcast live on TV.


A record number of 41 men's teams, 38 women's teams and 15 youth teams find their way to the Netherlands where the Autotron hosts the tournament from 11 to 14 October. Iceland, Iran, Trinidad & Tobago and Turkey make their debut at a WDF World Cup Youth. It will be a successful edition for the organizing country, with enough drama at the end.

Very surprisingly the boy’s singles title goes to the Hungarian Tibor Taks. He first defeats England’s Ricky Evans in the semi-finals and then the Dutchman Maarten Pape in the final. Paddy Meaney takes the other bronze for Ireland. In the girls, Linda Oden wins an individual gold medal for Sweden for the first time. She defeats English youngster Harriet Wolton in the final. Thea Kaaijk from the Netherlands and Lorraine Hyde from Scotland take the bronze.

Mixed Pairs
In the mixed pairs, it is the Netherlands that takes the title. Maarten Pape & Thea Kaaijk are too strong in the final for Mitchell Clegg & Brie Peters from Australia. Bronze is here for Teemu Harju & Aliisa Koskivirta from Finland and Ricky Evans & Harriet Wolton from England.

Overall World Cup Youth
Also this year, the winning mixed pair Maarten Pape & Thea Kaaijk is the pair who takes the overall victory. The Netherlands gather a total of 67 points and finishes ahead of Ricky Evans & Harriet Wolton from England with 48 points. The bronze is for Mitchell Clegg & Brie Peters from Australia with 46 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 67 points Netherlands
2 - 48 points England
3 - 46 points Australia
4 - 43 points Sweden
5 - 34 points Hungary
6 - 32 points Germany
7 - 28 points Finland
8 - 27 points Ireland Republic
9 - 24 points South Africa
10 - 21 points Scotland
11 - 12 points Belgium
12 - 10 points Brazil
13 - 4 points Latvia
14 - 1 points Czech Republic
15 - 0 points Iran