WDF World Cup Jeugd 2005

Published at 20/07/2020

After Brisbane in 1985 and Perth in 1997, Australia hosts a WDF World Cup Youth for the third time in 2005. From September 28 to October 1, the Challenge Stadium in Perth is where there will be played. It is the fifteenth edition of the WDF World Cup Youth for men, the twelfth for women and the fourth for youth.


In the men’s competition 31 countries compete for the title, 26 in the ladies 26 and for youth there are nine. At least a record for the Australian Cups. India makes its debut this WDF World Cup Youth.

Jonny Nijs and Carla Molema dominate the fourth edition of the WDF World Cup Youth. For the first time in history, one country claims all gold medals for itself. In the boy’s singles, Jonny Nijs defeats Englishman Ross Smith in the final. Oskar Lukasiak from Sweden and Jason Cullen from Ireland claim the bronze. Carla Molema defeats Tanya Thomas from South Africa in the girl’s final. Brie Peters from Australia and Kellie Hammond from England take the bronze here.

Mixed Pairs
The Dutch duo is also unbeatable in the pairs, although Oskar Lukasiak & Emelie Lindell from Sweden come close in the group phase. The final against South Africa also goes to a fifth and decisive leg, but Jonny Nijs & Carla Molema win it. So silver goes to Roman Ariefdien & Tanya Thomas. Bronze in the pairs goes to England’s Ross Smith & Kellie Hammond and Kevin Munch & Jenny Lieverkus from Germany.

Overall World Cup Youth
With the maximum amount of possible points the overall title is for Jonny Nijs and Carla Molema from the Netherlands with 68 points. Ross Smith & Kellie Hammond from England take the silver with 45 points and the bronze is for Roman Ariefdien & Tanya Thomas from South Africa with 38 points.

India and Wales make their youth debuts at a WDF World Cup in 2005.

Overall ranking
1 - 68 points Netherlands
2 - 45 points England
3 - 38 points South Africa
4 - 22 points Australia / Sweden
6 - 21 points Ireland Republic
7 - 17 points Germany
8 - 1 point Wales
9 - 0 points India