WDF World Cup Jeugd 2001

Published at 06/07/2020

After Europe, North America, Australia and Africa, the WDF World Cup Youth will also conquer Asia for the first time in 2011. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is the setting for the thirteenth edition of this tournament. It will be played from September 26 to 29.


With 27 participating countries in the ladies, 26 in the men and seven in the youth the tournament is slightly less visited than the previous editions, but the tournament is still a resounding success. Thailand makes its debut in 2001 at a WDF World Cup Youth.

In addition to host nation Malaysia, England and Denmark also make their youth debut. Stephen Bunting from England takes gold in the boy’s singles by beating Sweden’s Markus Korhonen in the final. Yoshan-Roxy Iyer from South Africa and Denmark’s Brian Svendsen take the bronze. The girl’s tournament is won by Australia for the second time in a row. Venus Johnson defeats Melody Unger from South Africa in the final. The bronze goes to England’s Laura Power and Nicole Osthues from Germany.

Mixed Pairs
In the pairs tournament, the same countries as in the singles surface. Sweden beats Australia in the semi-finals and Germany beats England in the other semi-final. The final is won by Markus Korhonen & Johanna Ehn from Sweden who beat Michael Karkosa & Nicole Osthues from Germany 3-0 in the final.

Overall World Cup Youth
In the overall ranking, the victory of the Swedish tandem Markus Korhonen & Johanna Ehn is just enough to claim the gold there too. They finish with 48 points one point above Stephen Bunting & Laura Power from England. The bronze is here for Australia’s Venus Johnson & Alan O'Brien with 38 points who collect one point more than Germany.

Overall ranking
1 - 48 points Sweden
2 - 47 points England
3 - 38 points Australia
4 - 37 points Germany
5 - 31 points South Africa
6 - 12 points Denmark
7 - 0 points Malaysia