WDF World Cup Jeugd 1999

Published at 29/06/2020

In 1999, for the first time in history, a WDF cup is held in Africa. Durban is the host for the twelfth Cup. 32 countries participate in the tournament, of which 30 also have taken a ladies team. For the first time in 1999 there is also a WDF World Cup Youth the young people. Nine teams take a boy and a girl to South Africa. All of them will compete in the Durban Exhibition Centre for the three major Cups from 6 to 9 October.


Botswana, Namibia, and the Seychelles are participating for the first time at a WDF World Cup Youth, which is more global than ever before.

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Namibia, South Africa and Sweden are the nine countries participating in the first WDF World Cup for youth. There are four gold medals up for grabs. There is a mixed-pairs tournament, singles for both boy’s and girls and an overall WDF World Cup gold medal.

In the boy’s singles it is Kim Viljanen who wins the gold. He defeats Germany’s Sascha Steinbusch in the final. The bronze goes to Beau Anderson from Australia and Kim Huybrechts from Belgium. In the girl’s singles it is Harrena Williamson from Australia who takes the gold, Germany again has to settle for silver with Franka Funk. Belgium takes their second bronze courtesy of Jessica Torbeyns and South Africa also takes bronze with Belinda Bester.

Mixed Pairs
The decision for the overall medals comes in the pairs tournament. Beau Anderson & Harrena Williamson from Australia are ultimately the best in this. They beat Kim Viljanen & Jenni Janeskallio from Finland in the final. Bronze in the pairs tournament goes to Dialekti Johansson & Jari Ylikauppila from Sweden and Belgium’s Kim Huybrechts & Jessica Torbeyns.

Overall World Cup Youth
When all points are counted, Australia is the first country to take home the overall WDF World Cup Youth with Beau Anderson & Harrena Williamson. In total this team collects 67 points. Finland with Kim Viljanen & Jenni Janeskallio takes the silver with 47 points. The bronze is for Kim Huybrechts & Jessica Torbeyns from Belgium who finish with 39 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 67 points Australia
2 - 47 points Finland
3 - 39 points Belgium
4 - 37 points Germany
5 - 14 points Sweden
6 - 13 points South Africa
7 - 3 points Canada / Hungary / Namibia