2017 WDF World Cup XXI - Heren

Published at 14/09/2020

The 21st edition of the WDF World Cup was held from 3 to 7 October at the Kobe International Exhibition Hall in Japan. It is after Kuala Lumpur in 2011 the second time that the WDF World Cup is played in Asia. A number of leading darts countries are absent from this 21st edition of this event. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, among others, cannot get it financially in order to travel to Japan.


Yet it will be an unforgettable edition in which 28 men's teams, 26 women's teams and 12 youth teams compete for the big Cups. Hong Kong was last there in 1989 and returns to the WDF World Cup, Mongolia and South Korea make their debut, just as Marco Meijer does as a referee on the podium.

Men’s Pairs tournament
For the first time in history, the men from Russia win a medal at a WDF World Cup and it immediately is a golden one. The pairing of Boris Koltsov and Aleksandr Oreshkin is the strongest pair during this tournament. In the last 16, they eliminate defending champions Wesley Harms and Richard Veenstra and then also beat the Americans Joe Chaney & Tom Sawyer, the Norwegians Thor-Helmer Johansen & Cor Dekker and in the final the Canadians Jeff Smith & Kiley Edmunds.

The Canadians therefore take the silver, bronze is for the Norwegians Johansen & Dekker as well as for the Belgian tandem of Tony Martinez & Sven Verdonck.

Men’s Singles tournament
The singles title goes to Jeff Smith from Canada. He beats Raymond Smith from Australia 7-5 in the final. Ten different nationalities reach the last 16, which indicates how open the tournament was in 2017, partly due to the absence of a number of the superpowers.

Jeff Smith beats Cody Harris, Thibault Tricole, Patrick Susanna, Chris Landman and Willem Mandigers en route to the final. In addition to Mandigers, it is the German Ricardo Pietreczko who gets the bronze. Pietreczko is the first German man to win an individual medal at a WDF World Cup. Jeff Smith is also the first Canadian to win an individual gold medal.

Men’s Team Event
In the team event, besides a first singles gold for Canada and a first pair of gold for Russia, there is now a first team gold for Australia. Peter Machin, Justin Thompson, Raymond Smith and Andrew Townes play a virtually flawless tournament. The most difficult match is actually in the group phase against Russia, a match that is won 9-7.

After the group stage, Canada (9-3), New Zealand (9-4) and in the semi-final Norway (9-5) are simply set aside. The USA team is waiting in the final. They had a much harder path to the final. Victories over Italy (9-4), Finland (9-8) and the surprising Swiss (again 9-8) cost a lot of energy and in hindsight perhaps too much. The final will be a relatively simple prey for the Australians with 9-3.

It is the first time that Australia has taken the team title and also the first overall title. With some of the bigger countries missing, new countries get the chance to show themselves, and Norway and Switzerland benefit the most, both of them taking their first ever team medal.

Men’s Overall classification
The overall title in 2017 goes to Australia with Peter Machin, Justin Thompson, Raymond Smith & Andrew Townes for the first time in history. Aided by their perfect run in the team tournament, they stay ahead of both North American teams with 98 points. Canada takes the silver with 69 points and the USA the bronze with 63 points. Belgium comes fourth with 56 points and Russia takes fifth place overall in addition to their gold in the pairs.

Overall ranking
1 - 98 points Australia
2 - 69 points Canada
3 - 63 points USA
4 - 56 points Belgium
5 - 55 points Russia
6 - 54 points Sweden
7 - 51 points Netherlands
8 - 48 points New Zealand
9 - 46 points Norway
10 - 36 points Switzerland
11 - 32points Finland
12 - 30 points Germany
13 - 23 points Italy
14 - 20 points Republic Ireland
15 - 17 points France
16 - 12 points South Africa/ South Korea
18 - 11 points Denmark
19 - 10 points Japan
20 - 8 points Gibraltar
21 - 7 points Trinidad & Tobago
22 - 6 points India
23 - 5 points Hong Kong
24 - 4 points Mongolia/ Bahamas
26 - 2 points Turkey
27 - 0 points Iceland/ Luxembourg