2016 WDF Europe Cup XX - Dames

Published at 03/09/2020

From 20 to 24 September, the twentieth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held in the Dutch seaside town of Egmond aan Zee. In the men’s event 32 different countries toe the oche, which is a new record for the WDF Europe Cup. Six countries leave their ladies at home, but this still means a very strong field of 26 countries in the ladies. In hotel Zuiderduin, for years the setting for the Zuiderduin/Finder Masters the NDB and WDF put together a fantastic tournament, which runs very smoothly.


From the 2015 WDF World Cup Nick Rolls joined the WDF team as one of the officials on stage alongside “Little” Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat, so 2016 is his first WDF Europe Cup. The Dutch Darts Association NDB is hosting this tournament for the third time, they also organized the WDF Europe Cup in The Hague in 1984 and Veldhoven in 2000. Welshman Martin Phillips participates for the thirteenth and last time in this event and is the record holder. Malta is returning to the WDF Europe Cup family for their first Cup since 2000. There are no debutants this year.

Ladies Pairs tournament
As usual, the English ladies were the big favourites for the title in the pairs, but there were certainly a few big challengers. The duo Rhian Griffiths and Rhian Edwards from Wales took out the first English pair Trina Gulliver & Fallon Sherrock 4-0 at the last 32 stage. The Welsh ladies also continued to reach the semi-finals. The Dutch duo Sharon Prins & Aileen de Graaf were also among the contenders, but they lost in the last 16 to the German duo Anne Willkomm & Silke Lowe.

Both duos from Germany reached the semi-finals. Anne Willkomm & Silke Lowe defeated the Czech duo Jana Kanovska & Jitka Cisarova in the quarterfinals. Steffi Luck & Steffi Zwitkowitsch were 4-1 too strong for the Dutch pair Anca Zijlstra & Anneke Kuijten. It is no surprise that the England pair Deta Hedman & Lorraine Winstanley also book their place in the top four with a 4-0 win over the Swedish duo Paulina Soderstrom & Maud Jansson.

The final is reached by the aforementioned pair from Wales and the English ladies. Wales beats Steffi Luck & Steffi Zwitkowitsch while England knocks out Anne Willkomm & Silke Lowe for the win. The final is won in an eleventh and deciding leg by Welsh Rhian Griffiths & Rhian Edwards, who beat Deta Hedman & Lorraine Winstanley, which means Wales takes the WDF Europe Cup pairs title for the fourth time in history.

Ladies Singles tournament
Sharon Prins crowns herself the new singles champion in 2016. She thus becomes the second Dutch who takes this title after Francis Hoenselaar has done this three times before. Prins has certainly not got an easy route to the title, in addition to victories over Anne Wilkomm from Germany, Maud Jansson from Sweden, Djurdjina Miscevic from Serbia and Kate Smith from Scotland she also beats no less than three English ladies.

In her second match she beats the world’s number one Deta Hedman. She is too strong in the semi-finals for ten times world champion Trina Gulliver and in the final she faces Fallon Sherrock, who a round earlier beat her compatriot Lorraine Winstanley.

Ladies Team tournament
Just like two years earlier, the English ladies are again the the overwhelming favourites in 2016 and more than live up to this role. With four players from the world’s top 10, they give no opponent more than four legs. In the semi-finals the quartet Trina Gulliver, Deta Hedman, Lorraine Winstanley & Fallon Sherrock defeats Germany with Steffi Luck, Anne Willkomm, Steffi Zwitkowitsch & Silke Lowe 9-4. The other semi-final is a lot closer. Rhian Edwards, Rhian Griffiths, Katie Bellerby & Ann-Marie Potts from Wales keep pace with Dutch quartet Sharon Prins, Aileen de Graaf, Anca Zijlstra & Anneke Kuijten. At 8-8 the seventeenth leg has to make the difference and it is won by the Netherlands.

In the final, the Dutch team takes three legs. And so the team title remains in England, this time for Trina Gulliver, Deta Hedman, Lorraine Winstanley & Fallon Sherrock.

Ladies Overall classification
The overall Ladies WDF Europe Cup is won for the eleventh time by the ladies of England. They win the team event comfortably and are also in the finals of the singles with Fallon Sherrock and pairs with Deta Hedman and Lorraine Winstanley. Although they lose both these finals, overall, they are unbeatable. Trina Gulliver, Deta Hedman, Lorraine Winstanley & Fallon Sherrock collect 148 points. The Netherlands finish second overall with 113 points, followed by the ladies from Wales. They take bronze with 83 points. Germany finished in fourth place with 81 points and Sweden closed the top five.

Overall ranking
1 - 148 points England
2 - 113 points Netherlands
3 - 83 points Wales
4 - 81 points Germany
5 - 42 points Sweden
6 - 39 points Finland
7 - 38 points Norway
8 - 35 points Czech Republic
9 - 27 points Ireland Republic
10 - 24 points Scotland
11 - 19 points Italy
12 - 16 points Denmark/ Switzerland
14 - 14 points Belgium/ Hungary
16 - 11 points Poland/ Romania/ Serbia
19 - 9 points France
20 - 8 points Turkey
21 - 4 points Latvia
22 - 3 points Isle of Man
23 - 2 points Greece
24 - 1 point Northern Ireland
25 - 0 points Iceland/ Lithuania