2014 WDF Europe Cup XIX - Heren

Published at 27/08/2020

After two editions in Turkey, the European Cup will stay in Eastern Europe for 2014. Again, a young organization gets the responsibility for the nineteenth WDF Europe Cup; Romania. From 23 to 27 September, the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest is the royal setting for this Cup.


For the first time there are four ladies per team, until 2014 there were always two. This means that an extra day of play is added to the schedule. From now on, the teams will play over four days and the opening ceremony is the day before. Men from 30 countries come to the Romanian capital and 25 countries also bring their ladies. It was a very cosy and friendly European Cup. No debutants at this Cup, but Cyprus does return for the first time since 2000.

Men’s Pairs tournament
Only English duos remain on the last day of the tournament. Scott Mitchell & Scott Waites beat experienced pair Marko Kantele & Kim Viljanen in the quarterfinals and also win effortlessly without losing a leg from the Greeks Kostas Pantelidis & Giorgos Portokalis in the semi’s. Glen Durrant is paired with James Wilson and they have it a bit more difficult in terms of the quarterfinals. They need a seventh and deciding leg to set aside Colin McGarry & Barry Copeland from Northern Ireland. In the semi-finals, they then beat Ross Montgomery & Alan Soutar from Scotland 5-3.

The final will be a high-level match without too much pressure, because the English team cannot miss out on the overall title anymore. It is both Scott’s who win the last leg and take the gold 6-5. For Scott Waites the second time he does that, after the gold in 2010 with Martin Adams. For Scott Mitchell, it is his first WDF Europe Cup pairs gold. It is the ninth time that an English couple has claimed the title.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the singles, it’s not immediately the most obvious names that compete for the medals that remain. David Smith-Hayes from Wales beats the last remaining Englishman Glen Durrant in the quarterfinals 5-2. Irishman David Concannon beats Jorgen Aerts from Belgium. Ireland was the only country with two players in the quarterfinals, but Jason Cullen fails to make it to the semi-finals. He loses 5-1 to a strong playing Darius Labanauskas from Lithuania. The last four is completed by the Russian Boris Koltsov. He surprisingly manages to beat the Scottish captain Ross Montgomery.

In the first semi-final, Concannon takes out David Smith-Hayes surprisingly easy 6-1. The Eastern European match between Labanauskas and Koltsov goes 6-3 to the Lithuanian. On the day of the final, the audience is presented with a great final that is won 7-5 by the Irishman David Concannon. He had not yet won any international ranking title before this victory, but he takes the gold in Bucharest. Ireland had never won gold before, so he immediately writes a nice piece of history. For Labanauskas it is his second silver after the second place in the pairs two years ago.

Men’s Team Event
Despite the fact that the defending WDF Europe Cup champions, the Netherlands are not really in the best form this year, they still reach the semi-finals by first beating Sweden 9-8 and then also Finland 9-6 in the quarterfinals. Wales also qualifies for the last four with a big 9-3 victory over Scotland. Northern Ireland beats the Greek quartet with the same numbers. The semi-final line-up is completed by England that cruises past Germany 9-5.

In the semi-finals it is then done with the Dutch foursome Wesley Harms, Remco van Eijden, Jeffrey de Graaf & Danny Noppert. They had gone past the edge of knockout several times and now Martin Phillips, Wayne Warren, Jonny Clayton & David Smith-Hayes from Wales are too strong with 9-4. In the other semi-final, Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell, Scott Waites & James Wilson for England beat Colin McGarry, Kevin Burness, Barry Copeland & Gary Elliott from Northern Ireland. The result is 9-5.

Before the final, England is already certain of the overall victory at the WDF Europe Cup. Wales can still take the silver overall with a win in the team event. What follows is a great ending to the biggest WDF Europe Cup ever. Martin Phillips, Wayne Warren, Jonny Clayton & David Smith-Hayes from Wales win 9-7 against England's Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell, Scott Waites & James Wilson. Wales wins this event only for the second time in history, after their victory in 1988.

Men’s Overall classification
Glen Durrant, Scott Mitchell, Scott Waites & James Wilson from England are overall the best in 2014. With 131 points they take the gold and are well ahead of Wales, which finish on 67 points. The bronze goes to Ireland, in addition to the gold in the singles of course with 58 points. Northern Ireland comes in fourth with 50 points, one point more than the Netherlands.

Overall ranking
1 - 131 points England
2 - 67 points Wales
3 - 58 points Ireland Republic
4 - 50 points Northern Ireland
5 - 49 points Netherlands
6 - 48 points Scotland
7 - 40 points Greece
8 - 38 points Finland
9 - 30 points Germany
10 - 28 points Sweden
11 - 27 points Denmark
12 - 26 points Belgium
13 - 22 points Lithuania
14 - 20 points Russia
15 - 19 points Norway
16 - 16 points Czech Republic
17 - 12 points Switzerland
18 - 11 points Serbia/ Turkey
20 - 10 points Poland/ Romania
22 - 7 points Luxembourg
23 - 6 points Italy
24 - 5 points Bulgaria/ Cyprus
26 - 3 points Austria/ Catalonia
28 - 1 point France/ Iceland
30 - 0 points Jersey