2013 WDF World Cup XIX - Heren

Published at 24/08/2020

In 1989 Canada already hosted the WDF World Cup, when it was played in Toronto, in 2013 Saint Johns on the Eastern tip of the country was chosen as host city. Because some of the European and Asian teams were missing, the figures are a bit lagging behind on previous years. It will also be the last WDF World Cup for Norwegian Roy Price in his capacity as chairman of the WDF.


There were 27 men's teams, 25 women's teams and 11 youth teams present at this nineteenth WDF World Cup. All major countries on paper were there to compete in the Sports NL Center from 1 to 5 October. Among them, the men of Jersey for the first time.

Men’s Pairs tournament
Stephen Bunting & Tony O'Shea win this edition of the pairs tournament. In itself that is not surprising, beforehand the English duo were already among the favourites. However, there are plenty of surprises. What about the duo Robin Albury & Anderson Lewis from the Bahamas? They successively beat Ireland, Australia and Sweden to only lose in the quarterfinals against another surprise; the South African pair Christo Meiring & Tinus Grobbelaar.

The South Africans themselves easily beat Iceland, Germany, Canada and the aforementioned men of the Bahamas. Until the semi-finals they only lose two legs. In the semi-finals, the duo Glen Durrant & Scott Waites are their opponent, but the English are also beaten. It finishes 5-3 for Grobbelaar and Meiring. In the other semi-final, Bunting & O'Shea win in a deciding leg against Welsh pair Jonny Clayton & David Smith-Hayes.

The final is played a few days after the floor matches and that suits Stephen Bunting & Tony O'Shea. They have much more experience on stage and the South Africans Christo Meiring & Tinus Grobbelaar never get into the flow they had before and lose 0-6.

It is the twelfth victory for an English pair in a WDF World Cup, O'Shea successfully defends the title that he also won two years earlier. South Africa takes its second ever pairs medal, after a bronze medal in 1999.

Men’s Singles tournament
Both winners of the pairs tournament; Stephen Bunting and Tony O'Shea also reach the semi-finals of the singles in 2013. Tony O'Shea, who already took the title in 2009, is no match in the semi-final for Wesley Harms from the Netherlands, the results is a 6-2 victory for Sparky. Bunting does win his semi-final against Welsh veteran Wayne Warren, who has to settle for bronze for the second time in a row.

The final is a good and close battle that is ultimately settled in an all-deciding thirteenth leg in favour of Wesley Harms. He becomes the fourth Dutchman to win this title after Roland Scholten, Raymond van Barneveld and Dick van Dijk. Bunting is the first Englishman to lose a WDF World Cup singles final to a non-British player.

Men’s Team Event
The team tournament has some surprises in St. Johns. The Dutch quartet does not survive the group phase. They lose 9-8 to Wales and 9-6 to the host country, with which they also lose sight of a good overall ranking. In the last sixteen, Canada suffers a surprisingly big loss, they have no chance against Sweden as the lose 1-9 and so their team tournament is over.

A team that does run very well is the USA. Larry Butler, Tom Sawyer, Gordon Dixon & Robbie Phillips consecutively beat Finland and Denmark en route to the semi-finals. In it Stephen Bunting, Glen Durrant, Tony O'Shea & Scott Waites from England are the opponents and surprisingly the USA team is victorious with another big margin at 9-2.

In the final, the Scotsman Ross Montgomery, Craig Baxter, Alan Soutar & Gary Stone will be the opponent. Of course, always one of the top teams, but the Scots have never won the team event at a WDF World Cup. They beat South Africa, Norway and in the semi-final Daniel Larsson, Dennis Nilsson, Mats Andersson, Lennart Efraimsson from Sweden on their way to the final.

The Scots and the Americans have agreat tense game in which ultimately The Scots beat the USA 9-7. Ross Montgomery, Craig Baxter, Alan Soutar & Gary Stone thus make Scottish darts history by winning gold in the team event for the first time. For the USA, the counter stays at two golds in this event.

Men’s Overall classification
The English team successfully defends their WDF World Cup overall title. The quartet Stephen Bunting, Tony O’Shea, Scott Waites and Glen Durrant win a lot of points in the pairs and singles especially. A semi-final in the team event is then sufficient to take the overall title with 127 points. Scotland takes the silver with 102 points and the bronze, thanks to a second place in the team tournament, goes to the USA with 61 points, three points more than South Africa. Wales closes the top five with 54 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 127 points England
2 - 102 points Schotland
3 - 61 points United States
4 - 58 points South Africa
5 - 54 points Wales
6 - 48 points Netherlands
7 - 40 points Sweden
8 - 34 points Australia
9 - 27 points Canada / Denmark
11 - 25 points Switzerland
12 - 23 points Norway
13 - 21 points Japan
14 - 20 points Northern Ireland
15 - 18 points Finland
16 - 14 points Bahamas / Italy
18 - 13 points Germany
19 - 8 points Turkey
20 - 7 points Republic of Ireland
21 - 6 points Brazil
22 - 5 points Jersey / Barbados
24 - 1 point Trinidad & Tobago
25 - 0 points Turks & Caicos / Bermuda / Iceland