2012 WDF Europe Cup XVIII - Heren

Published at 20/08/2020

The eighteenth edition of the European Cup would initially be held in Germany, but they had to give the organization back to the WDF. Belgium then wanted to take over, but they too did not get the organization up and running on time. Eventually it is decided to return to Turkey where the Cup was held two years earlier. For the first time in the history, two consecutive editions are not only held in the same country, the same place, but also in the same location; The Grand Haber hotel in Kemer. For the first time in history 30 countries are registered in the men’s competition, with three fewer teams for the ladies. Debutants are Bulgaria, Catalonia, Jersey and Luxembourg.


Men’s Pairs tournament
Only Belgium has both pairs left in the quarterfinals. Ronny Huybrechts & Geert de Vos win 4-3 against the duo Jonny Clayton & David Smith-Hayes from Wales. The other Belgian pair is also victorious in the last eight. Davyd Venken & Donnie Michels beat Daryl Gurney & David Glenn from Northern Ireland, also 4-3. The Dutch pair Jan Dekker & Christian Kist win 4-2 against the Finns Kim Viljanen & Jani Haavisto. The defending champions from England Martin Adams & Scott Waites are also there this year, but they have been split by their manager. Waites plays with Tony O’Shea this year and they soon lose to the Belgians Venken & Michels in the last 32. Martin Adams is playing with Martin Atkins this year and tries to win this pairs title for the fifth time, with his fifth different partner. Quite surprisingly, this mission comes to an end in the quarterfinals against Lithuanians Darius Labanauskas & Arunas Ciplys. They seem to perform best under pressure because they win in a seventh and deciding leg for the third game in a row.

In the semi-finals, the Lithuanians also play very well. They beat Ronny Huybrechts & Geert de Vos 5-3. In the other semi-finals, Jan Dekker & Christian Kist beat the other Belgian pair Davyd Venken & Donnie Michels. That is not easy because a ninth and decisive leg is needed. The final of the pairs is on the podium a day later and the Lithuanians would have rather seen that differently in retrospect. They never come close to the form they had on the floor and the Dutch do. Thus, the final never really becomes a match and Darius Labanauskas & Arunas Ciplys lose without winning a leg.

Jan Dekker & Christian Kist are the third Dutch pair with this victory to win gold at a WDF Europe Cup after Raymond van Barneveld & Co Stompé in 2000 and Raymond van Barneveld & Vincent van der Voort in 2004.

Men’s Singles tournament
Two players from Scotland, two from Finland and four loners reach the quarterfinals of the singles in 2012. Not the defending champion Martin Phillips. Surprisingly, he loses to the Russian Roman Obukhov in the last 32. Jonny Clayton must now uphold the honour for Wales and he reaches the semi-finals after a 5-0 win over Alan Soutar from Scotland. The second Shot does reach the semi-finals. Gary Stone beats the last Englishman still in the tournament, Martin Atkins from Leeds goes out 2-5. Ulf Ceder from Finland defeats Rune David from Norway 5-2 and the brand-new world champion Christian Kist from the Netherlands also reaches the semi-finals with a 5-4 victory over the Finn Jarkko Komula.

Kist then defeats Jonny Clayton in the semi-finals so for the first time in six years there will certainly be no singles champion from Wales. Gary Stone wins in the other semi-final 6-3 against the last Finn, Ulf Ceder. In the final, the gap is never very big in the match, but Stone takes the lead and never gives it away again. He triumphs 7-4 against Christian Kist, making himself the second Scottish WDF Europe Cup singles champion after Peter Johnstone preceded him in 2002.

Men’s Team Event
The first round is played in eight groups, with the top two advancing to the last 16. There are few surprises in the group stage and all major countries reach the last 16. There are no remarkable results there either, although the 2008 winners go out, but the Danish team is a different team from four years earlier. The Netherlands beats the Vikings and also beats Scotland in the quarterfinals. Defending champion Belgium also reaches the semi-finals. The Belgians win big, 9-3 against Northern Ireland. The English quartet also effortlessly qualifies for the semi-finals with a 9-3 victory over the surprising Poles. Wales is the fourth team to reach the last four. Sweden is no match for the Brits and loses 9-5.

Martin Adams, Martin Atkins, Tony O'Shea & Scott Waites ensure that England reach the final of the team tournament for the first time since 2004. In the semi-finals they dethrone Ronny Huybrechts, Geert de Vos, Davyd Venken & Donnie Michels from Belgium. England wins big with a 9-4 score. In the other semi-final, the Dutch foursome Jan Dekker, Wesley Harms, Christian Kist & Benito van de Pas play very strong and especially solid as a team. The Welsh team consisting of Martin Phillips, Wayne Warren, Jonny Clayton & David Smith-Hayes is also playing very well, but every really important leg always falls in the Dutch direction. In the end that is enough for a 9-6 victory for the Dutch.

The final is also an exciting affair. It is very close together, but the less experienced Dutch still manage to get the most important legs. Martin Adams, Martin Atkins, Tony O'Shea & Scott Waites have to bow their heads at the end of the final as the Dutch win it 9-7. Jan Dekker, Wesley Harms, Christian Kist & Benito van de Pas take the gold and that is only the second time that the Netherlands succeeds.

Men’s Overall classification
In the overall standings this year there is a big win for the Dutch foursome Jan Dekker, Wesley Harms, Christian Kist & Benito van de Pas with 138 points in total. Not only the gold overall, but also in the team tournament and in the pairs. Christian Kist only just can't win all the gold because he loses the singles final. Belgium wins the silver with 74 points, five points clear of England that takes the bronze. Scotland with 64 points and Wales with 60 points just missed the podium and the medals. It is the first time in history that the Netherlands has won the overall title for both men and women.

Overall ranking
1 - 138 points Netherlands
2 - 74 points Belgium
3 - 69 points England
4 - 64 points Scotland
5 - 60 points Wales
6 - 57 points Finland
7 - 40 points Northern Ireland
8 - 38 points Lithuania
9 - 32 points Sweden
10 - 27 points Norway
11 - 22 points Poland/ Denmark
13 - 21 points Ireland Republic
14 - 20 points Turkey
15 - 19 points Germany
16 - 18 points Switzerland
17 - 13 points France
18 - 8 points Russia/ Slovenia/ Italy
21 - 7 points Serbia
22 - 6 points Czech Republic
23 - 5 points Bulgaria
24 - 4 points Luxembourg
25 - 3 points Jersey
26 - 2 points Spain
27 - 1 point Romania/ Catalonia
29 - 0 points Iceland/ Austria