2012 WDF Europe Cup XVIII - Dames

Published at 20/08/2020

The eighteenth edition of the European Cup would initially be held in Germany, but they had to give the organization back to the WDF. Belgium then wanted to take over, but they too did not get the organization up and running on time. Eventually it is decided to return to Turkey where the Cup was held two years earlier. For the first time in the history, two consecutive editions are not only held in the same country, the same place, but also in the same location; The Grand Haber hotel in Kemer. For the first time in history 30 countries are registered in the men’s competition, with three fewer teams for the ladies. Debutants are Bulgaria, Catalonia, Jersey and Luxembourg.


Ladies Pairs tournament
As often is the case at a WDF Cup, at the end of the tournament the pairs event turns out to be very important. Nobody will be very surprised with the line-up in the semi-finals. Karin Krappen & Tamara Schuur struggled the most to get this far. They defeated Grace Crane & Nicole Dillon from Northern Ireland 4-3 in the quarterfinals. Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore win again in a repeat of the final of two years ago against Angela de Ward & Caroline Breen from Ireland. Scotland also reaches the last four. Louise Hepburn & Susanna McGimpsey beat the Swedish duo Maud Jansson & Kristin Bomander. The English top duo Deta Hedman & Trina Gulliver complete the semi-final lineup. The English ladies beat Hege Lokken & Rachna David from Norway 4-1.

The Dutch ladies beat Scotland in the semi-finals comfortably, it finishes 5-1. In the other semi-final, the Welsh defending champions beat the England favourites. It is already the third final in a row for Julie Gore in this event. The Netherlands and Wales are close together in the overall ranking before the final. The team that wins is, at least for now, at the top of the overall ranking. Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore can never impose their will on the Dutch ladies in the final. Karin Krappen & Tamara Schuur convince and win the final 6-3. It is the third time that the Netherlands takes gold in the pairs, Karin Krappen was always in that team. The previous two with Francis Hoenselaar and now with Tamara Schuur.

Ladies Singles tournament
The title holder in the ladies, Francis Hoenselaar has retired from darts in 2012 and so the title is vacant. It will become a surprising year. Julie Gore seems well on her way, The Welsh Ice Cube has won silver in the singles at a WDF Cup four times and yearns for gold, but she won't do so this year. Although she beats Karin Krappen and Irina Armstrong, she loses in the quarterfinals to Patricia de Peuter from Belgium. Her teammate Rhian Edwards also gets knocked out early. In her first game she loses to Anelia Eneva from Bulgaria. Another contender is Deta Hedman, but she also goes out early. The English ace loses to Finland’s Kirsi Viinikainen in the last 16, who in turn is defeated in the quarterfinals by Jeanette Stoop from Switzerland.

In the last four, Patricia de Peuter defeats Jeanette Stoop 6-3 and is very surprisingly in the final. The other semi-final is between 2008 winner Louise Hepburn and 2000 & 2006 winner, The Golden Girl Trina Gulliver. The victory is for Gulliver who reaches the final of this tournament for the fourth time.

In the final, Gulliver will not only take the singles title, but with a victory the overall title is also for England. At least that is the opinion of all experts, but Patricia de Peuter thinks otherwise. She plays the tournament of her life already, since she has previously never won an international ranking tournament. Gulliver fails to shake off her opponent. The English is much better than her Belgian opponent, but she misses a lot of doubles and with every missed double from Gulliver the confidence of De Peuter grows. When the Belgian levels at 6-6 you can almost see the despair in the eyes of Gulliver and she also loses the last leg. Patricia de Peuter takes the WDF Europe Cup singles title and indirectly also gives The Netherlands the overall title.

Ladies Overall classification
There was still a lot possible on the final day. England, Wales and the Netherlands could all still win the 2012 WDF Europe Cup. Karin Krappen & Tamara Schuur win it in the end on behalf of the Netherlands with 36 points thanks to their victory in the pairs. It is the third time that the Netherlands wins the WDF Europe Cup for the ladies, Karin Krappen was always there. The previous two times in 2000 and 2002 with Francis Hoenselaar and now with Tamara Schuur. England wins silver with 33 points and Belgium takes bronze with 29 points. Scotland and Wales share fourth with 27 points. It is the first time in history that the Netherlands has won the overall title for both men and women.

Overall ranking
1 - 36 points Netherlands
2 - 33 points England
3 - 29 points Belgium
4 - 27 points Schotland/ Wales
6 - 17 points Switserland
7 - 15 points Norway/ Northern Ireland
9 - 12 points Ireland Republic/ Germany/ Finland
12 - 11 points Catalonia
13 - 10 points Sweden
14 - 7 points Czech Republic
15 - 6 points Serbia/ Denmark/ Italy
18 - 4 points Bulgaria
19 - 3 points Turkey/ Poland
21 - 2 points Iceland
22 - 1 point France/ Spain
24 - 0 points Lithuania/ Slovenia/ Romania/ Austria