2011 WDF World Cup XVIII - Dames

Published at 17/08/2020

Castlebar in Ireland is the beautiful location for the eighteenth edition of the WDF World Cup. The world-famous Irish cordiality prevails and 38 countries make it a fascinating spectacle. 35 Women's team and 15 youth teams complete the line-up. The Breaffy House Resort, County Mayo, is the home of darts from September 20-24.


History is being written in Castlebar because England is the first country ever to win all three overall titles in one year. In addition, Catalonia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania get their first introduction to the unsurpassed WDF World Cup feeling.

Ladies Pairs tournament
Deta Hedman is back after a long absence from the English team and Trina Gulliver is hungry after a missed WDF World Cup two years earlier. Without any problem they go through the group phase and the first game in the knockout phase is won 4-2 against Cindy Pardy and Jenelle Legge from Canada. Two-time losing finalist Sweden, this time without Carina Ekberg is beaten 4-1 in the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals it is also Finland that beats the USA, the Netherlands beats Norway and Wales wins in a seventh and decisive leg against Japan.

In the semi-finals Deta Hedman & Trina Gulliver win 5-3 against Kirsi Viinikainen & Lumi Silvan from Finland. In the other semi-final, two other top pairs face each other Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen from the Netherlands win this game 5-2 against Julie Gore & Rhian Edwards from Wales.

The English ladies and their major rivals from the Netherlands face each other in the final. Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen make it extremely difficult for Deta Hedman & Trina Gulliver. It takes an eleventh and deciding leg, in which the English ladies are the strongest. The fourth time that Trina Gulliver wins the gold in the pairs. Deta Hedman also wins the gold in this event for the second time, after her victory in 1995.

Ladies Singles tournament
For the ladies singles it is Trina Gulliver who is the strongest for the third time. She beats Julie Gore from Wales in the final, who loses the singles final for the third time in a row at the WDF World Cup.

On her way to the final, Gulliver defeats an international field. South African Felicity Sparks, Swedish Maud Jansson, Welsh Rhian Edwards, Canadian Jenelle Legge in the quarterfinals and Finnish Kirsi Viinikainen in the semi-finals. With her performance, Viinikainen takes the first Finnish medal ever in the ladies' singles.

Julie Gore has no easy route to her third consecutive final. She beats Corrine Hammond, Lumi Silvan, Cindy Hayhurst, Olive McIntyre, and Deta Hedman. In the final it can go two ways, Gore misses two match darts to win 7-5, but the game gets a decisive thirteenth leg. Gulliver is much earlier than her opponent on a finish, but it takes a long time before double 1 brings her the title.

Trina Gulliver was the first player to win this title twice and now is the first one to win it three times.

Ladies Overall classification
This is done very convincing in the ladies. Especially Trina Gulliver is unbeatable this edition. By her side Deta Hedman, who shows that she may have come back even better after an absence of 14 years. Gulliver takes three gold medals, including the overall title. Hedman wins two and adds a bronze in the singles. The total points of the English ladies are 65. Wales with Julie Gore and Rhian Edwards take the silver with 34 points. Francis Hoenselaar takes a bronze overall medal at her last WDF World Cup together with Karin Krappen on behalf of the Netherlands. Finland is fourth overall with 27 points and Japan fifth with 20 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 65 points England
2 - 34 points Wales
3 - 30 points Netherlands
4 - 27 points Finland
5 - 20 points Japan
6 - 16 points Canada
7 - 15 points Ireland/ Germany
9 - 14 points Norway/ USA
11 - 12 points Sweden
12 - 10 points Belgium
13 - 9 points Northern Ireland
14 - 8 points Australia
15 - 7 points Scotland
16 - 6 points South Africa/ Switzerland
18 - 3 points Bahamas
19 - 2 points Romania/ Barbados/ Italy/ Isle of Man
23 - 1 point Poland/ Spain/ Iran/ Russia/ Iceland/ Denmark/ Catalonia
30 - 0 points Latvia/ Lithuania/ Slovenia/ Trinidad & Tobago/ Turkey/ India/ Brazil