2010 WDF Europe Cup XVII - Dames

Published at 14/08/2020

Turkey is one of the new and ambitious members of the World Darts Federation. Participant since 2006 and already in 2010 they are allowed to organize the seventeenth edition of the WDF Europe Cup. From 13 to 16 October, the Grand Haber Hotel in Kemer is the setting for a fantastic, sunny, European Cup. All records in terms of number of participating countries are broken. In the men, 28 countries participate and in the ladies 27. New countries such as Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, but also countries that are back after a short absence such as Estonia and Greece.


Ladies Pairs tournament
Two of the big favourites for the victory in the pairs already clash in the quarterfinals. Lisa Ashton & Trina Gulliver beat the Dutch pair Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen. In the semi-finals, the English duo are in turn defeated by Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore from Wales.

Until 2010, Ireland had won three women's bronze medals at a WDF Europe Cup. This year there would be honorary metal thanks to Angela de Ward & Caroline Breen. They beat the strong Finnish pair Tarja Salminen & Kirsi Vinnikainen 4-2 in the quarterfinals and then Denise Cassidy & Nicole Dillon from Northern Ireland in the semi-finals.

However, it would not be gold for Ireland because Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore from Wales take an early lead in the final and they will never look back. Angela de Ward & Caroline Breen must therefore settle for silver, but it is the first silver ever for the Irish at a WDF Europe Cup. After Ann Thomas & Linda Rogers in 1988 and Rhian Speed & Sandra Greatbatch in 1992, this is the third time Wales has won gold in the pairs event.

Ladies Singles tournament
Only England still has both ladies in the bracket in the quarterfinals. Trina Gulliver wins against Northern Ireland's Nicole Dillon. Her teammate Lisa Ashton beats Swedish ace Anna Forsmark. Julie Gore from Wales plays a strong tournament, easily beating the dangerous Finnish outsider Kirsi Viinkainen. The last semi-finalist is the Dutch Francis Hoenselaar. She wins without losing a leg 5-0 against Rose-Marie Bussard from Switzerland.

The two eternal rivals Gulliver and Hoenselaar make it an exciting semi-final. This time it is the Dutch lady who wins the eleventh and deciding leg and advances to the final. Lisa Ashton cannot bring England to the final either. Julie Gore is too strong 6-4.

Francis Hoenselaar already won the singles title in 1996 and 2004 and also won two silver medals in 1994 and 2002. Julie Gore has already won two silver medals in the women's singles at a WDF World Cup, but she won never before reached the final at a WDF Europe Cup. In 2010 she does, but it will be silver again for The Ice Cube. Maybe the knowledge that Wales already had the overall gold after the victory in the pairs lost her that bit of the sharpness that she needed in this final. Francis Hoenselaar wins 7-5 and is the first lady to win the WDF Europe Cup singles three times and also does this in three different decades.

Ladies Overall classification
As is often the case, the duo that wins the pairs tournament also wins the overall WDF Europe Cup. Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore from Wales collect 51 points and take their second gold after the pairs. The Netherlands wins the silver with 36 points, one point ahead of England that finishes at 35 points. The Irish Republic comes in fourth with 25 points, two points ahead of Northern Ireland in fifth place.

Overall ranking
1 - 51 points Wales
2 - 36 points Netherlands
3 - 35 points England
4 - 25 points Ireland Republic
5 - 23 points Northern Ireland
6 - 17points Finland
7 - 14 points Germany
8 - 13 points Scotland/ Sweden
10 - 11 points Belgium
11 - 10 points Austria
12 - 9 points Spain
13 - 7 points Norway/ Slovenia
15 - 6 points Romania/ Switzerland
17 - 5 points Poland
18 - 3 points Lithuania
19 - 2 points Italy
20 - 1 point France/ Iceland/ Turkey
23 - 0 points Czech Republic/ Denmark/ Greece/ Latvia/ Serbia