2009 WDF World Cup XVII - Dames

Published at 10/08/2020

In 2009, the United States are elected host for the third time. After previous two editions in Las Vegas in 1979 and 1993, it is now Charlotte's turn in North Carolina. The Blake Hotel is the venue where will be played from September 23-25. New faces on stage for the first time in a long time. Richard Ashdown and Jacques Nieuwlaat replace Martin Fitzmaurice as host on behalf of the WDF from 2009.


It will be a very relaxed WDF World Cup in beautiful weather conditions, with 32 men's, 31 women's and 10 youth teams competing for the medals. The Cayman Islands are making their debut. Besides the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Bahamas and Barbados are also present and this ensures that this WDF World Cup also gets a real Caribbean feel to it.

Ladies Pairs tournament
The women's pairs are won by the English duo Lisa Ashton & Karen Lawman-Smith. They beat the Swedish ladies Carina Ekberg & Maud Jansson who have to settle for silver for the second time in a row. For England the eighth time that they write this event to their name. The English ladies are really tested a number of times on their road to the title. In the group stage a seventh and deciding leg is needed to beat Finland and this is also the case in the quarterfinals against the USA. Julie Gore & Rhian Edwards from Wales even win four legs against the English tandem in the semi-finals, but for the first time in history that semi-final is best of nine legs and so Ashton and Lawman-Smith survive here too. The final does yield a clear 6-2 and the gold medal.

In addition to Wales, it is Finland that also wins a bronze medal. Tarja Salminen & Kirsi Viinikainen also lose their semi-final in a ninth and deciding leg against the Swedish ladies. Carina Ekberg now has a beautiful silver collection. It is her fourth silver medal in the pairs, she is yet to win the gold.

Ladies Singles tournament
It is of course a dream to grab the title in front of your own crowd and that dream came true in 2009 for Stacy Bromberg. This private detective from Las Vegas has been one of the leading players in North America for years and now she can add this global title to het resume. Bromberg beats Julie Gore from Wales in the final 7-3. It is the second lost final in a row for Gore. Bromberg had also reached the final in her own country in 1993, but then had to concede the gold to compatriot Kathy Maloney.

The favourite English ladies both lose 5-2 to the later finalists in the quarterfinals. Karen Lawman to Bromberg and Lisa Ashton to Gore. Two surprising names in the semi-finals. New Zealand veteran Jannette Jonathan takes her first individual medal at her ninth attempt. And the Russian Karina Nagapetynts is rewarded for an excellent tournament with a bronze medal.

Stacy Bromberg is the fourth American to lift the WDF World Cup singles trophy above her head. Sandy Reitan (1983), Eva Grigsby (1989) and Kathy Maloney (1993) preceded her.

Ladies Overall classification
The eighth overall title for England is won by Lisa Ashton and Karen Lawman-Smith. Initially, Trina Gulliver would play alongside Ashton, but at the last minute she had to be replaced by Karen Lawman-Smith. The English ladies win the pairs and with that, as is so often the case, lay the foundation for the overall title. In total the English ladies get 46 points. The USA with Stacy Bromberg & Marilyn Popp takes the silver in front of their home crowd with 36 points. Rhian Edwards & Julie Gore from Wales and Carina Ekberg & Maud Jansson from Sweden share the bronze. Russia completes the top five.

Overall ranking
1 - 46 points England
2 - 36 points USA
3 - 31 points Wales/ Sweden
5 - 25 points Russia
6 - 23 points New Zealand
7 - 20 points Ireland
8 - 15 points Finland
9 - 10 points Scotland/ Netherlands/ Denmark
12 - 9 points Japan
13 - 6 points Bahamas/ Canada/ Belgium
16 - 5 points Norway
17 - 4 points Australia/ Italy
19 - 3 points Trinidad & Tobago
20 - 2 points Germany/ Iceland/ Northern Ireland
23 - 1 point Phillipines/ Barbados/ Switzerland/ Brazil/ Turkey
28 - 0 points Bermuda/ Cayman Islands/ Spain/ Turks & Caicos