2006 WDF Europe Cup XV - Heren

Published at 24/07/2020

Ennis in Ireland is the beautiful setting for the fifteenth edition of the WDF Europe Cup darts. Played at the Lynch West County Hotel from September 21-23. It is the second time that Ireland organizes the WDF Europe Cup. Bundoran was host in 1996. Nineteen countries send their best men and women to Ireland to compete. It would be a historic edition for the men because the English quartet falls of the podium in the overall standings for the first time in history. Turkey joined the WDF Europe Cup family for the first time in 2006.


Men’s Pairs tournament
Only Finland has two pairs left in the quarterfinals in 2006. Marco Kantele & Jarkko Komula also advance to the semi-finals. They beat the Swedish duo Goran Klemme & Johan Engstrom 4-0. All other quarterfinals ended in 4-3. Vincent van der Voort & Jelle Klaasen beat Oyvind Aasland & Robert Wagner from Norway. Northern Ireland's John Elder & Paul Watton beat Finns Ulf Ceder & Vesa Nuutinen. The final semi-finalists are from Scotland, Paul Hanvidge & Paul McGimpsey beat Martin Phillips and Wayne Warren from Wales.

The semi-finals are a lot less exciting; the Finns easily win 4-1 against the Dutch duo and the Scots also only lose one leg against the Northern Irish. The final is not one for the histriy books. Paul Hanvidge & Paul McGimpsey win 4-0 against Finland’s Marco Kantele & Jarkko Komula in a one-sided match.

It is the second time that Scotland wins gold in the pairs tournament after Jamie Harvey and Ronnie Sharp in 1992. Also then, a Finnish pairs was beaten in the final. Finland already takes silver for the third time this year, it still waits for the first gold.

Men’s Singles tournament
In the quarterfinals of the singles tournament three players from Wales, two from Sweden, two from Scotland and the Dutchman Niels de Ruiter are still in. Both Swedish players beat their Welsh opponents. Goran Klemme beats Robert Hughes 4-2 and Daniel Larsson beats Martin Phillips 4-3. The third Welshman does win; Mark Webster beats Paul Hanvidge of Scotland 4-3. The other Scot also loses in this round, Gary Anderson is defeated by Niels de Ruiter.

In the semi-finals it is Mark Webster who wins from one Swede, Goran Klemme, while Niels de Ruiter who knocks out the other Swede, Daniel Larsson. Both games end in 4-2 victories.

The final goes the full length of seven legs. In that seventh leg, Mark Webster from Wales is the strongest and so he may call himself WDF Europe Cup singles champion 2006. Mark Webster is the first Welshman to win this title.

Men’s Team Event
In 2006, four groups were again made, of which the best two countries advance to the quarterfinals. The biggest surprise is the elimination of Wales in the group phase, they do not get further than fourth place in an otherwise strong group, which also includes the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. Other than that there are few surprises in the group phase.

In the quarterfinals, England beats Sweden 9-4, Scotland defeats the Danes 9-6 and the Netherlands wins with the same score line against Norway. The most exciting match is between Northern Ireland and Finland, where a seventeenth and deciding leg must make the decision. It is the Northern Irish who triumph and send the Finns home.

The Dutch quartet Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompé, Jelle Klaasen & Niels de Ruiter compete against Brian Cathcart, John Elder, Paul Watton & Michael Blair from Northern Ireland. The Dutch are still a size too big for the Northern Irish and win 9-5. In the other semi-final it is incredibly exciting. Steve Farmer, Martin Adams, Shaun Greatbatch & Tony O'Shea from England take on Gary Anderson, Paul Hanvidge, Mike Veitch & Paul McGimpsey from Scotland. It is 8-8 and in a seventeenth leg it is Scotland that eventually goes to the final.

In the final, not only the gold in the team tournament is on the line, but the overall WDF Europe Cup is also at stake. The winner of this competition may lift that cup above their head. The final is not very exciting, the Netherlands takes the lead early on and they will never relinquish it. A resounding 9-2 is the end result. And so, the Dutch foursome, Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompé, Jelle Klaasen & Niels de Ruiter, this year for the first time in years without Raymond van Barneveld, take gold in the team event.

Men’s Overall classification
Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompe, Jelle Klaasen & Niels de Ruiter deliver the WDF Europe Cup to The Netherlands for the second time in a row. In total, they accumulate 111 points, which is three points more than Scotland who must not only settle for silver in the team event, but also for silver overall. Finland takes the bronze with 68 points, just ahead of Sweden with 63 and Wales with 62 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 111 points Netherlands
2 - 108 points Scotland
3 - 68 points Finland
4 - 63 points Sweden
5 - 62 points Wales
6 - 60 points Northern Ireland
7 - 39 points England
8 - 37 points Norway
9 - 30 points Denmark
10 - 18 points Ireland Republic
11 - 17 points Belgium
12 - 11 points France
13 - 9 points Italy
14 - 7 points Hungary/ Russia
16 - 6 points Czech Republic/ Germany/ Turkey
19 - 4 points Iceland