2006 WDF Europe Cup XV - Dames

Published at 24/07/2020

Ennis in Ireland is the beautiful setting for the fifteenth edition of the WDF Europe Cup darts. Played at the Lynch West County Hotel from September 21-23. It is the second time that Ireland organizes the WDF Europe Cup. Bundoran was host in 1996. Nineteen countries send their best men and women to Ireland to compete. It would be a historic edition for the men because the English quartet falls of the podium in the overall standings for the first time in history. Turkey joined the WDF Europe Cup family for the first time in 2006.


Ladies Pairs tournament
The defending champions in the pairs tournament Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver from England effortlessly get through the group. And via a 4-2 victory over the Danish duo they also reach the semi-finals. The other two British pairs from Scotland and Wales do the same. Scotland has a lot of trouble with the Norwegian ladies, but they win 4-3. Wales has few problems with Finland. The quartet in the semi-finals is completed by the Netherlands who beat the Irish ladies 4-1.

Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver win 4-0 in the semi-finals against Julie Gore & Jan Robbins from Wales. Perhaps the English ladies had expected a repeat of the final two years earlier when they beat Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen, but the winners of 2000 and 2002 are beaten in the semi-final by Anne Kirk & Louise Hepburn from Scotland.

The final is also a close match in which the score line is 3-3 after six legs. Yet experience is the deciding factor. Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver take the gold for the second time in a row. It is already the eighth time that England wins the WDF Europe Cup ladies pairs title.

Ladies Singles tournament
For the first time since 1988, two ladies from the same country face each other in the final of the WDF Europe Cup singles. Back then it was also both ladies from England. Now in 2006 they are Clare Bywaters and Trina Gulliver.

Bywaters, who won the singles before in 2002, beats Zuzana Stepanova from the Czech Republic, Sabrina Spörle from Germany, Denise Cassidy from her Ireland in the quarterfinals and Scottish ace Anne Kirk in the semi-finals on the way to the final.

Gulliver, who won the singles before in 2000, in turn wins against a list of difficult opponents and big names. First the Russian Anastasia Dobromyslova, then Maud Jansson from Sweden, in the quarterfinals the defending champion from the Netherlands; Francis Hoenselaar and Julie Gore from Wales in the semi-finals.

In the final, The Golden Girl, Trina Gulliver beats her fellow countrywoman Clare Bywaters 4-2. Gulliver becomes only the second lady in history, after Sue Edwards to win the WDF Europe Cup singles tournament twice.

Ladies Overall classification
Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver repeat the performance of Linda Batten & Sharon Kemp in 1984 by taking gold in the couples and winning gold and silver in the singles. With that they score the maximum number of points of 68 and of course also win the overall title. Scotland wins the silver with 31 points, just ahead of Wales who takes bronze with 30 points. The Netherlands comes in fourth with 20 points and Northern Ireland finishes fifth with 17 points. After Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen in 2000 and 2002, Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver become the second pair to successfully defend their overall title with exactly the same team.

Overall ranking
1 - 68 points England
2 - 31 points Scotland
3 - 30 points Wales
4 - 20 points Netherlands
5 - 17 points Northern Ireland
6 - 12 points Ireland Republic
7 - 11 points Norway
8 - 10 points Finland/ Germany
10 - 7 points Sweden
11 - 5 points Czech Republic
12 - 4 points Denmark/ France/ Italy
15 - 3 points Hungary/ Turkey
17 - 1 point Belgium/ Russia
19 - 0 points Iceland