2005 WDF World Cup XV - Dames

Published at 20/07/2020

After Brisbane in 1985 and Perth in 1997, Australia hosts a WDF World Cup for the third time in 2005. From September 28 to October 1, the Challenge Stadium in Perth is where there will be played. It is the fifteenth edition of the WDF World Cup for men, the twelfth for women and the fourth for youth.


In the men’s competition 31 countries compete for the title, 26 in the ladies 26 and for youth there are nine. At least a record for the Australian Cups. India makes its debut this WDF World Cup.

Ladies Pairs tournament
Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver write WDF World Cup history by becoming the first ladies pair to successfully defend the title. In the final, the English ladies are too strong for the American duo Stacy Bromberg & Marilyn Popp.

In the group stage, Bywaters and Gulliver do not lose any leg against Belgium and Ireland. In the last 16, Japan is also pushed aside without losing a leg, just like the Norwegian ladies in the quarterfinals. In the semi-finals the English ladies do face real opposition from Kim Whaley-Hilts and Robin Curry from Canada, still they win 4-2.

In the other half of the schedule, Anne Kirk & Louise Hepburn from Scotland win 4-0 in the quarterfinals against New Zealand’s Jannette Jonathan & Mihi George. With the same numbers, Stacy Bromberg & Marilyn Popp beat the German ladies Heike Jenkins & Bianka Strauch. The semi-final is not really close because the USA is far too strong for the Scottish ladies 4-1.

The final between Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver from England and Stacy Bromberg & Marilyn Popp on behalf of the USA is very exciting, it takes a seventh and deciding leg for the English ladies to take the win. It is the seventh pairs title for an English ladies pair in history.

Ladies Singles tournament
Clare Bywaters defeats compatriot Trina Gulliver 4-2 in the singles tournament final. On her way to the final, Bywaters defeats Bianka Strauch, Louise Ball, Mojca Humar, Robin Curry and Mayumi Ouchi, losing only five legs in all those games combined. Gulliver could have become the first player to successfully defend her WDF World Cup singles title, but she just falls short in the final.

Bywaters is the fourth English lady to claim the title with her win.

Ladies Overall classification
Just like the Netherlands in 2001, this year the English duo Clare Bywaters and Trina Gulliver set the maximum score of 66 points. They win the pairs and play the singles final against each other, with a victory for Bywaters. The overall silver is for Stacy Bromberg and Marilyn Popp on behalf of the USA with 29 points. The Japanese ladies Yukari Nishikawa and Mayumi Ouchi win the bronze with 20 points. Canada and Germany share fourth place with 18 points.

It is the seventh overall victory for the ladies of England. The bronze of Japan is the first ever overall medal for that country in the ladies.

Overall ranking
1 - 66 points England
2 - 29 points USA
3 - 20 points Japan
4 - 18 points Canada/ Germany
6 - 16 points Scotland
7 - 11 points Australia
8 - 9 points New Zealand/ Norway
10 - 6 points Sweden/ Italy/ Finland
13 - 5 points Ireland/ Bahamas
15 - 4 points Wales/ Northern Ireland/ Philippines/ Netherlands
19 - 3 points South Africa/ France
21 - 2 points Brazil/ Denmark
23 - 0 points Belgium/ Turks & Caicos/ Seychelles/ India