2004 WDF Europe Cup XIV - Dames

Published at 17/07/2020

In 2004, the WDF Europe Cup returns to Finland for the third time. After Turku in 1986 and Kerava in 1992, Tampere is now the place of action. The fourteenth edition of the WDF Europe Cup was held at the Scandic Hotel Rosendahl from 13 to 16 October. With 21 participating countries for men and 20 for women, it can safely be called a successful edition. Estonia makes its debut at this tournament.


Ladies Pairs tournament
In the 2004 pairs tournament, there are not many big surprises in the group stage England with Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver remain unbeaten in the group, just like Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen for the Netherlands. Denise Cassidy & Grace Crane also remain without defeat for Northern Ireland. In the quarterfinals, the Netherlands simply wins against Denmark and England against Ireland. Northern Ireland has a lot more problems with Italy but wins 4-3. The last semi-finalists are from Wales, they beat Sweden with 4-2.

Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen also have little trouble in the semi-finals. Denise Cassidy & Grace Crane from Northern Ireland are beaten 4-1. Still, England is doing slightly better with Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver, they beat Jan Robbins & Chris Savvery from Wales 4-0.

And so, both big favourites face each other in the final. Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen on behalf of the Netherlands and Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver on behalf of England. If Hoenselaar and Krappen manage to win the pairs tournament for the third consecutive time, they will also win the overall ranking for the third consecutive time. Unfortunately for the Netherlands, the English ladies have different ideas. Bywaters & Gulliver take the title in the pairs and overall with a 4-2 win.

It is the seventh time that the gold in the pairs goes to England, for Gulliver it is the second time and for Bywaters the first time. It is the third time that Denise Cassidy & Grace Crane have won a medal for Northern Ireland, but gold is not yet won.

Ladies Singles tournament
In 2004 the ladies tournament is decided between two countries. The Netherlands and England dominate all the tournaments. In the singles both big favourites for the title will face each other in the final. Francis Hoenselaar from the Netherlands has few problems with Hege Lokken from Norway, Maud Jansson from Sweden, Marika Juhola from Finland and in the semi-final against Maureen Kelly from Ireland. She only loses two legs in all of those games. Trina Gulliver also qualifies for the final, although she has a bit more difficulty in reaching it. She loses two legs against Tarja Salminen from Finland. Against Louise Hepburn from Scotland and in the semi-final against Heike Ernst from Germany she loses no legs.

The final is a true spectacle in which Francis Hoenselaar and Trina Gulliver make it very exciting. It is the "Dutch Crown" that eventually manages to beat "The Golden Girl" in a seventh leg and claims the singles title for herself. It is the second time that Francis Hoenselaar takes this WDF Europe Cup singles title after 1996.

Ladies Overall classification
In particular thanks to the victory in the pairs Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver take the gold for England in 2004 with 50 points. The Netherlands has to settle for silver this time after two consecutive titles in 2000 and 2002. The Dutch ladies collected 43 points. Ireland will get the bronze with 25 points, three points more than Wales and eight points more than Northern Ireland that finishes fifth. It is the eighth time that the WDF Europe Cup overall title goes to England.

Overall ranking
1 - 50 points England
2 - 43 points Netherlands
3 - 25 points Ireland Republic
4 - 22 points Wales
5 - 17 points Northern Ireland
6 - 13 points Germany/ Scotland
8 - 12 points Italy/ Sweden
10 - 10 points Denmark/ Finland/ Russia
13 - 5 points Hungary/ Norway
15 - 3 points Belgium/ Estonia
17 - 1 point France
18 - 0 points Austria/ Latvia/ Switzerland