2003 WDF World Cup XIV - Heren

Published at 13/07/2020

In 2003 the WDF World Cup returns to Europe. Epinal in France is the host. The turnout is excellent with 37 men's teams, 31 women's teams and a record number of 14 youth teams. From the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos makes its debut at a WDF World Cup this year. It was played from September 24 to 27 in the Parc Des Expositions.


From the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos make their debut at this year's WDF World Cup. Also Latvia and Russia are returning after an eight-year absence. It will be a messy edition, but a very exciting one, especially in the men’s competition.

Men’s Pairs tournament
It seems as if the clock has been turned back 25 years in the pairs tournament. Both English duos face each other in the final of the pairs tournament. Andy Fordham & Tony O'Shea have some tight victories on their way to the final. Already in the preliminary round they need a seventh and deciding leg against the Brazilians Mauricio Maia & Mario Portela. The same scenario is repeated in the last 32 against the South Africans Christo Meiring & Roshan Sivraman and again in the semi-finals against the Northern Irish pair John Elder & Roy Montgomery, but every time Fordham & O'Shea are razor sharp in that deciding leg.

Mervyn King & Martin Adams lose only two legs on their way to the semi-finals. In the semi-final Co Stompé & Raymond van Barneveld are waiting on behalf of the Netherlands. They also manage to win two legs, but that is all they win. King and Adams go to the final.

It is the fourth time in history that two pairs from England face each other in the final of the WDF World Cup pairs, the last time was in 1995 when Adams and Fordham still played together. In 2003 Mervyn King & Martin Adams are superior, Andy Fordham & Tony O'Shea cannot change that either. The result is 4-1 in the final. It is the second pairs gold for Adams, the first for King. For England it is the tenth time in fourteen editions.

Men’s Singles tournament
For the third time in his career, Raymond van Barneveld wins the WDF World Cup singles title. He beats Ritchie Davies from Wales in the final in a repeat of the January Embassy World Championship final. He does this in a seventh and deciding leg.

On his way to the final, Barney defeats Vernon Daniels from Bermuda, Mario Vandenbogaarde from Belgium, Jyhan Artut from Germany, Norm Tremblay from Canada, Paul Hanvidge from Scotland, Tony O’Shea from England and Jarkko Komula from Finland. He only loses five legs en route to the final. The Dutchman's opponent in the final also has an impressive run. Davies beats Charles Losper, John Kuczynski, Ravi Sandiran, Gary Anderson, Marko Kantele and Martin Adams.

Davies becomes the fifth Welshman in the final of the singles tournament, Leighton Rees remains the only one with gold for the time being.

Men’s Team Event
In the group phase there are a few small surprises. Luxembourg qualifies for the knockout phase at the expense of Japan and Canada also misses the knockout phase, they lose to Gibraltar. However, as soon as the knockout phase begins, surprises start to rain. The biggest is of course that England flies out against Denmark in a sudden-death leg. Sweden also loses to Norway and Wales to Finland.

Denmark cannot stunt again in the quarterfinals. The Vikings lose against Australia. The Netherlands simply wins 9-3 against Scotland and with the same numbers Finland wins against Northern Ireland. The USA is the fourth semi-finalist after a 9-4 victory over the Norwegians. The Netherlands then beats Australia and the USA wins against Finland a great match 9-7.

The final is traditionally the final match of the WDF World Cup. The Netherlands knows that in addition to the team event, it will also win the Overall Cup in a victory over the USA. Raymond van Barneveld, Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompé & Albertino Essers are the favourites against Americans Ray Carver, Bill Davis, John Kuczynski & George Walls, but they succumb to the pressure of winning the overall title. Team USA managed to grab a few important legs and eventually also wins 9-7.

It is the second time that the USA wins the team event. They did so before in 1985. The Netherlands had never made it to the final of the team tournament, but there was little cheer about that. The loss of the overall title overshadowed an otherwise successful WDF World Cup for the Dutch quartet.

Men’s Overall classification
The 2003 WDF World Cup has a dramatic ending. The final of the team tournament ultimately decides who takes the overall title. The USA plays in the final against the Netherlands. A victory for the Netherlands, they also win the overall title for the first time in history. With a victory from the USA, they take bronze overall and England take the Cup. It is team USA that wins that final 9-7 and thus helps the English team to the overall title.

The English have had two pairs in the final, which makes up for their poor performance in the team tournament. Mervyn King, Martin Adams, Andy Fordham & Tony O'Shea collect a total of 114 points, which is enough for gold. The third time in a row that England wins the overall WDF World Cup, the eleventh time in total. The silver is for the Netherlands with the singles champion Raymond van Barneveld in their ranks with 98 points. The USA takes bronze with 79 points. Finland finishes fourth with 66 points and Northern Ireland fifth with 52 points.

Overall ranking
1 - 114 points England
2 - 98 points Netherlands
3 - 79 points United States
4 - 66 points Finland
5 - 52 points Northern Ireland
6 - 48 points Australia
7 - 46 points Scotland / Wales
9 - 27 points Norway
10 - 23 points Denmark
11 - 22 points Malaysia
12 - 18 points Germany
13 - 16 points Austria
14 - 15 points South Africa
15 - 13 points Sweden
16 - 10 points Canada / Ireland Republic
18 - 8 points Gibraltar
19 - 6 points Cyprus / Italy / Luxembourg / New Zealand / Switzerland
24 - 5 points France
25 - 3 points Bahamas / Belgium / Hungary / Japan
29 - 2 points Brazil / Malta / Russia
32 - 1 point Czech Republic / Latvia / Turks and Caicos
35 - 0 points Bermuda / Greece / Seychelles