2003 WDF World Cup XIV - Dames

Published at 13/07/2020

In 2003 the WDF World Cup returns to Europe. Epinal in France is the host. The turnout is excellent with 37 men's teams, 31 women's teams and a record number of 14 youth teams. From the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos makes its debut at a WDF World Cup this year. It was played from September 24 to 27 in the Parc Des Expositions.


From the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos make their debut at this year's WDF World Cup. Also Latvia and Russia are returning after an eight-year absence. It will be a messy edition, but a very exciting one, especially in the men’s competition.

Ladies Pairs tournament
For the sixth time in history, the ladies pairs title goes to England. Clare Bywaters & Trina Gulliver are the strongest in France. They beat the Dutch duo Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen in the final. Hoenselaar had won the title two years ago, then still at the side of Mieke de Boer.

The English ladies win the tournament despite a defeat in the group matches against Canada. They beat Brazil and Gibraltar as expected. In the knockout phase, Gulliver & Bywaters have a hard time with South Africa (4-3), but after that things are getting easier and Northern Ireland and Finland are simply pushed aside. The Netherlands wins 4-1 in the semi-final against Canada but is no match for the English ladies in the final, it ends in a 4-2 win for the English ladies.

Ladies Singles tournament
The lady’s singles are won by the big favourite; Trina Gulliver. In the final, the English ace is too strong for Swedish Carina Ekberg. In the entire tournament, the world champion does not lose one leg. She defeats Jackie Sharpe, Lisa Wasson, Felicity Sparks, Yukari Nishikawa, and Heike Jenkins.

With her performance, Carina Ekberg becomes the first Swedish lady ever in the final of the WDF World Cup singles, Gulliver becomes the first lady to win this tournament more than once.

Ladies Overall classification
England claims back the overall WDF World Cup from the Netherlands. Trina Gulliver and Clare Bywaters take the pairs title and Gulliver also wins the singles. So, for her a clean sheet in Epinal with three gold medals. In total 54 points are gathered. The silver is for the Netherlands with Francis Hoenselaar & Karin Krappen with 34 points and the bronze goes to Marika Juhola & Tarja Salminen from Finland. Sweden collected 17 points and finishes fourth, two points ahead of Canada that finishes fifth.

Overall ranking
1 - 54 points England
2 - 34 points Netherlands
3 - 21 points Finland
4 - 17 points Sweden
5 - 15 points Canada
6 - 14 points Germany
7 - 11 points Northern Ireland/ Russia
9 - 10 points Australia/ Norway/ Japan/ Scotland
13 - 9 points New Zealand
14 - 8 points South Africa/ Wales
16 - 5 points USA
17 - 4 points Belgium/ Italy/ Switzerland
20 - 3 points Latvia
21 - 2 points Bahamas/ Denmark/ France
24 - 1 point Gibraltar/ Hungary
26 - 0 points Austria/ Brazil/ Ireland Republic/ Luxembourg/ Seychelles/ Turks & Caicos